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5 Short prayers to Oshosi to guide us along the paths of Justice

Prayers to Oshosi

Ochosi is one of the warrior Orishas in the Yoruba religion, one of the first that each religious receives when he begins his spiritual path.

We implore him for the justice of the world, for those unjustly imprisoned and in general, for all the wretched and abandoned. Ochosi is protector of the souls in pain.

In Santeria this sacred Orisha is known as the hunter of the Ocha, as it represents hunting and judicial order within humanity.

His deity represents justice and order, the one who protects those who have been wronged.

Ochosi is the guardian of the innocent people of this world, he is the hunter who loads his arrows and never fails.

In the Yoruba pantheon, it is the thought that can be transferred in time to any place, which is why he is considered a sorcerer and connoisseur of the secrets of the mountains.

Pray to the vigilante Oshosi What is asked of the hunter of the Ocha?

The prayer to Ochosi is usually focused on the most recurrent themes such as the search for health and protection, for fortune or to drive away evil people, in addition to, of course, issues of injustice.

Ochosi is prayed to in many different spheres, because let us remember that he is a protector of the unfortunate and can help us overcome everything that hurts us or causes us sadness.

Prayers are raised to Oshosi to:

  • Justice. The prayer for justice is the main one dedicated to Ochosi, since he is the Orisha of equanimity who can help us solve any problem related to injustice.
  • The money. Ochosi can help us solve a difficult financial situation if we show that we are worthy of your help and support. He will be on our side to spare us misery and grief
  • The protection and health. The hunter of the Ocha can also offer us his immense protection hand in hand with Oggun, patron of the irons and faithful companion of Ochosi. They both constitute an unstoppable force.
  • Work. As Ochosi is an inseparable companion of Oggún, the tireless worker, he can intercede with him to help us find better job opportunities.
  • Love. Ochosi can also help us find happiness and love, especially if we have lost our other half due to an argument or other problem.

How and where to ask the great Ochosi?

The prayer to Ochosi if possible should be done in an isolated space to find calm, or in an altar dedicated to this deity, adorned with its colors and symbols.

You can also decorate or set a space with objects that the Orisha likes, or candles with Ochosi's characteristic colors, which are blue, yellow and coral.

We can go to the mountains and seek a natural connection with Ochosi and thus pray to him in the quiet of the undergrowth, telling him like a father our problems and difficulties, asking for his help to solve them and his blessing to continue the path of life safely.

When praying to the deity, let us remember his offerings to venerate him

  • Their favorite herbs or ewes are sapote, ateje, coriander, male river fern, red piglet, river flax.
  • He always eats with Oggún and likes brandy and tobacco smoke.
  • We can spread corojo butter on his tools to worship him.

Some of the offerings that we recommend you can see at the end of the article or clicking here to view the works on behalf of Oshosi

After offering to him, we pray to Ochosi with great faith and great confidence that he will help us and will not leave us helpless.

We now propose 5 short prayers to Oshosi to communicate with his deity and ask for his blessing:

1. Prayer to Ochosi to ask for Justice and Salvation

At your feet I surrender great Ochosi, because you are impartial and master of justice in this world.

For you, these prayers come from a just and noble cause, because what I am looking for is that what you dictate be fulfilled.

Listen to me and rise up against the injustice that torments me. Save me from the storm, I will be more than grateful for your performance. So be it

2. A powerful prayer to Ochosi for Money and Fortune

Great Orisha Ochosi, I come before you on this occasion to comment on all my concerns.

And since I know that you do not allow bad times between your children, I know that you will extend your helping hand to me.

I am suffering from a terrible economic season, I ask you from my heart to allow fortune and wealth to enter my life.

Give me your prosperity and abundant successes so that I can provide for myself and those close to me.


3. Prayer to Ochosi to ask for his great Protection

Lord of the mountain, unique hunter, Ochosi, I implore you to lead my enemies to the path of peace, and lead them on the right path, since I do not wish them the evil that they wish me.

I kneel before you and your formidable way of being, I implore you that my life is free of bad people so that I can be at peace with my loved ones.

What I want most in these moments of anguish is your blessing, and I know that you will not abandon one of your children. Ashé

4. For Work and Abundance is this Prayer to Ochosi

Ochosi, owner of the most arduous work, I invoke you on this special day to ask for your help.

You who are my life guide, help to put my work situation on track to one that is favorable.

Listen to my prayers to be able to find a job that helps me develop as a person, which allows me to grow and support my family.

 I know that with you as support I will lack nothing, I fully trust you and your infinite powers. Amen

5. We ask Oshosi to attract Love with this prayer

Powerful Ochosi, you who are blessed in the world of love, grant me your helping hand to be able to solve this love crisis.

I ask you from my heart that my beloved (person's name) falls at my feet.

May he not be for a second without thinking of me, and may he be with me in order to obtain peace.

You Ochosi who are kind to all your children, I know that you will not fail me with this request from a heart in love.

Make our love infinite. Amen

Some works with Ochosi for justice and opening paths:

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