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5 Short Prayers to Saint Lazarus to heal us and protect us from Evil

Prayers to Saint Lazarus

We will ask Saint Lazarus for the healing of diseases, mainly those related to the skin, but we also implore you to help us have patience and compliance against physical and mental pain to finally achieve our physical and emotional recovery.  

We must know that Saint Lazarus can be made different requests to ask for health, work, love, because he is merciful. He is also invoked to intercede for some favor with God.

Who is San Lázaro in Santeria?

Saint Lazarus is the patron saint of the sick and the poor forsaken. He is the saint of crutches, who walks withañado by dogs that lick the sores on his legs, so he is also considered a protector of animals.

It is San Lázaro, in syncretism with him Orisha of the Pests of the Yoruba pantheon Babalú Ayé, one of the most powerful cults within the Cuban religious tradition.

Both figures, the saint of Catholicism and the Orisha of the Rule of the Ocha as an African religious expression, converge in a deity to which thousands of Cubans go to fundamentally ask for healing for the body and soul, but also spiritual economic improvements.

Thousands of people arrive every December with offerings, flowers and prayers to the temple located in El Rincón, in the capital's municipality of Boyeros to entertain the saint-orisha and thank him for his blessings.

There they also ask the deity for health and protection, so that it does not allow evil to reach homes.

What is asked ofl saint-orisha? We pray for health and open roads

San Lázaro and Babalú Ayé are not only prayed in the temple dedicated to them, but we also call them from our home, asking for their blessing in the face of life's illnesses and anguish.

Above all, in these times, hit by a pandemic that does not end, many are those who call and invoke them, begging for good health for themselves and their families.

If you want to venerate him, a purple or white candle is lit for them, and we place flowers of the same color, and pray in his honor, always showing passion, devotion and faith.

  • At the end of the article we leave some offerings and works in the name of the saint.

Our prayers and our spirit must always be full of confidence in the power of the deities and we must never go to them with bad intentions, because they will abandon us to our fate.

We ask and pray to Saint Lazarus to:

  • Ask for the poor. As the patron saint of the poor, we ask Saint Lazarus to remove poverty and misery not only from our family, but from the context in which we live.
  • Ask for health. Saint Lazarus is prayed primarily for health for ourselves and our loved ones. He is asked to put an end to illnesses and to keep illnesses and diseases away from our home.
  • Grant prosperity and the money flow. As patron of the poor, Saint Lazarus is asked for his intercession so that our business or employment prospers and gives us profits with which we can support our family.
  • Urgent and desperate cases. Many are those who add to the name of San Lazaro, the adjective "Miraculous" because this saint can help us when we are in a desperate situation with a miracle.
  • Ask for the healing of our dog or pet. Saint Lazarus is held as the protector of animals, mainly dogs, since he is always represented accompanied byañado for these faithful animals.

Powerful Prayers to Merciful Old Man Lazarus:

Let us always remember to sincerely ask Saint Lazarus and speak to him from respect and faith.

We must also take into account keeping the promises made to the saint to always have his support and blessing.

Here are 5 short prayers to ask Saint Lazarus for his help and blessing:

1. Prayer to Saint Lazarus, glorious patron of the Poor and the Sick

Dear blessed Saint Lazarus, patron and helper of the poor and the sick.

My Father, I ask you to help all those who are helpless to find comfort,

with the help of the Holy Spirit the Lord, patron saint of the most needy,

intercede for the wretched of the world before Jesus

May your immense light, Saint Lazarus, guide them to better places and thus the world becomes a better place, Amen

2. Prayer to Saint Lazarus for Prosperity, get Money and Open Paths

Saint Lazarus, faithful friend of Jesus Christ, you who give your affection and protection

to those who suffer miseries and fatalities, I plead before you asking for your kind attention;

Saint Lazarus, glorious patron of the poor, give me strength to improve my life and allow me to move forward when problems overwhelm and worry me,

Lord, allow me to overcome my serious lack of money,

and help me prosper for a comfortable financial situation and good luck, prosperity and wealth come to my home and my business.

My good protector and intercessor, I trust your help and blessing.

So be it.

3. Prayer to Saint Lazarus for urgent and desperate requests

Blessed Saint Lazarus, my holy protector, I come to you to ask for consolation for my needs, concerns, anguish

I know that you will not disappoint me and that you will grant me the miracle so that I can get out of this difficult situation soon.

In you I place my humility and all my faith, hear my pleas through this prayer and have mercy.

Relieve my saint my soul and take away this despair that does not let me live.

Please patron of the poor, grant me (say with immense faith what you want to achieve),

Pour your blessings on me, amen

4. Miraculous prayer to Saint Lazarus to ask for health

Glorious Patron of the Poor, dear Saint Lazarus, I ask that the good spirits help me in your name and come to my aid when I suffer from some evil or am in some danger

Saint Lazarus may your spirit be my faith and your divine protection always reach me

Give me the strength I need to be able to face the hard tests of this planet in which I haveabitamine, 

Do not allow bad energies to claim my health and my body, drive them away with your powerful blessing

My thanks to you always, the Glory of all. Amen.

5. Prayer to Saint Lazarus to ask for the healing of my pet

Glorious Saint Lazarus, patron of the poor, today I humbly come to you to request protection and healing for my pet who is in delicate health

Saint Lazarus, I kneel at your feet and ask you to come help my little dog (or mention another pet), who needs it.

You who are protector and witness of the fidelity of a dog, I come to you with faith so that you heal my pet, faithful and loving companion, stop the disease and remove all the discomfort.

Grant me what I ask of you, protector of dogs.

Today I come to you full of confidence knowing how good and kind you are, so that you can grant the miracle to my beloved companion (Name of dog or pet).


Works and powerful offerings dedicated to the old man San Lázaro:

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