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Get closer to Saint Nicholas of Bari through these 3 powerful prayers

Prayers to Saint Nicholas of Bari

San Nicolás de Bari It has been present in our lives for as long as we can remember, because it is to this that we write letters and we awake awake on Kings Day, wishing that our December is perfect and that during its days there is no lack of happiness and joy at home.

People who have faith in their hearts cling to this saint, because in life Saint Nicholas was left an orphan inheriting a rich fortune, which he decided to use to help the disadvantaged, mainly children who, like him, suffered the misfortune of being left helpless.

For that humane work he received the nickname of Holy protector and defender of the peoples.

Get to know these three prayers dedicated to the Saint:

1. Prayer to ask for protection from Saint Nicholas of Bari in difficult cases

Oh blessed Saint Nicholas of Bari, whom God has allowed to perform a great number of miracles with the aim that his children come to ask for your help in times full of difficulties, we are confident that you will protect us.

Pour out your mercy on us and make us worthy of your help and benefits. Amen. 

2. Give me work my Saint Nicholas: Powerful prayer

Glorious and powerful Saint Nicholas of Bari, you are the very special advocate of all those who are in distress.

Give us your holy protection and shelter, your saint who is valuable, your Saint Nicholas of Bari who is a powerful mediator and intercessor, I ask that your eyes turn pious towards me from that preferential place that you have in divinity, where you are now.

I ask you to grant me the favors that I am requesting, mainly I work to be able to give my family a necessary sustenance.


3. Prayer to Saint Nicholas of Bari, saint who listens to all requests.

San Nicolás de Bari you never let those who trust you suffer, approaching your name with faith, your nobility has benefited thousands of people, we can hear how the thanks are present and you can hear how others encourage you to look for the good Saint Nicholas of Bari, who always listens to all requests.

Those most in need help each other thanks to your love and great kindness, you relieve the weak and unfortunate, those who suffer console themselves with you, defending those who need it, always helping the sick, I ask you to have mercy, bear in mind my prayers and help me to fulfill them, if it is your holy will. Amen.

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