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2 Miraculous prayers to Saint Pantaleon: "He who has compassion on all"

Prayers to Saint Pantaleon

Saint Pantaleon is a martyr of the Catholic Church, who in life will act as a doctor, his name, in Greek, when translated into Spanish means: "The one who pities everyone."

A virtue enjoyed by the doctor, who was always benevolent and charitable towards the sick and the poor to whom he gave his care in order to heal in some and to calm their ailments in others, thus preventing them from suffering pain. .

How is the Saint represented and before what is he invoked?

This is represented carrying a small cross and a scalpel, or at the foot of an olive tree or dry fig tree.

Place where it is presumed that it gave its last breath and on which later the flowers and grass would sprout.

Saint Pantaleon is invoked through his prayer for dissimilar reasons, logically prioritizing:

  • The relief of health conditions above all other companies,
  • those who suffer from headaches and tuberculosis are very attached to its protection.

Saint Pantaleon is considered the protector of Doctors

San Pantaleón is considered the patron of:

  • Nutritionists,
  • obstetricians and
  • the doctors.

His holiday It is celebrated on July 27 annually.

The protector of physicians is considered one of the fourteen auxiliary saints of the Catholic Church.

Which is invoked in situations of great uncertainty and despair to place his hand interceding in order to dispel the problem and eradicate the affliction.

Prayer to Saint Pantaleon to ask for health

The prayers to Saint Pantaleon are powerful, pray them with great faith.

Merciful Father, God of all consolation, who gave Saint Pantaleon the gift of interceding for us:

Give us through your love the health that we ask of you, give us also a big and generous heart that knows how to see you in the faces of others.

Good and almighty Father, through Saint Pantaleon we ask you to grant us the peace and happiness that we hope with faith from you.

Prayer to Saint Pantaleon to make a special request

We beg you, O Almighty God, grant us, through the intercession of the ever-miraculous doctor Pantaleón that you used as a sign for your church, by making the dry olive plant where it was tortured sprout full of leaves and fruits, peace for our conscience, that of our relatives, our country and the whole world.

And for that glorious blood that year after year is liquefied in a singular miracle, you grant me the grace (make the desired request) that I, on my part, promise to visit him in his Church and offer him my generosity.


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