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Prayers to San Silvestre to free us from miseries and misfortunes in life

Prayers to Saint Sylvester

San Silvestre It is acclaimed for its power of protection and for how much it helps when having problems with bad people, enemies or with those who wish us evil, for the protection of the home and warding off evil.

The renowned holy pope of the Catholic Church intercedes for us before our enemies and deflects the evil that was destined for us. For this reason, many are the devotees who pray to him and who wear his image as an amulet of good luck and protection.

If we want our home to be perfectly clean of magic and to be free from the works or spells that have been done against us, our family and those who are close to us, we must invoke this holy protector through prayer with great faith and without ceasing to trust in his great might.

A part of this powerful prayer goes like this:

Clear all the paths where I go, all the places where I have to step, of men and women of bad living, of liars, of malefactors, violent and harassing, gossipers, charlatans, envious and selfish, free my person, home and environment of injustices, of revenge and of all hatred and resentment.

History of San Silvestre del monte mayor, the Holy Pope

San Silvestre was the son of a Roman nobleman who became Pope early, due to the death of several of his predecessors in the chair of San Pedro and who had to face hostile conditions and complicated moments for the Catholic faith.

The Christian calendar commemorates the death of Pope Saint Sylvester I at age 65. He was Pope of the Catholic Church and had to grow up in the face of difficulties, because even in his youth he had to act as the highest representative of Christianity in a time of persecution and at the same time that Emperor Constantine I the Great decreed full freedom to practice everywhere the religion of Jesus Christ.

The legend of Pope Saint Sylvester

Legend of San Silvestre

Legend has it that very young, Saint Sylvester buried another pope who had been murdered by pagans. For this reason the prefect of Rome imprisoned him, but just after taking his statement, the man died choking on a fish bone.

That death was taken as a divine sign for Silvestre to be released and, in his youth, he was made Pope on January 31, 314.

But Silvestre, the thirty-third pope of the Catholic Church, suffered the last periods of persecution of Christians and had to face numerous heresies.

It is said in the text known as the “Donation of Constantine” that the sovereign Constantine, repentant for his crimes and his paganism, prostrated himself before Sylvester and gave him the imperial crown, as well as the purple and other signs of the power of Rome. It was Sylvester who baptized him as the first Christian emperor.

San Silvestre is credited with the official institution of Sunday as the Lord's Day, to remember the Resurrection and is also considered the inspirer of the Iron Crown, which was made with a nail from the True Cross.

It is said that he supported priests and the faithful in need and instituted the first cathedral in Rome, called San Juan de Letrán. In addition, he is known as the first administrator pope, for the large amount of wealth donated by families converted to Christianity that he received and put in function of the construction of public works.

Carrera de San Silvestre, a global tribute to the saint

San Silvestre was the first pope who did not die a martyr, but did die a saint, on December 31, 335.

The Church includes his name in the litany of Saints and in his honor the "Pontifical Equestrian Order of Saint Sylvester Pope and Martyr" was proclaimed, also known as the Sylvestrine Order. Numerous events are dedicated to him.

The most popular, without a doubt, is on December 31, the so-called San Silvestre Races that take place in different parts of the world such as Portugal, Spain,aña, Italy, Mexico, Colombia and Guatemala.

It is said that, in its beginnings, the race was a way to welcome the new year by leaving everything bad along the way and asking San Silvestre for fortune.

San Silvestre and his syncretism with Osain, Orisha del Monte

yoruba osain
Representation of Osain del Monte, the Yoruba Orisha

In the process of transculturation associated with the slave stage, African slaves syncretized their deities with various saints of the Catholic cult in order to continue showing their devotion and practicing their cults without their masters knowing their African practices.

That is why San Silvestre syncretizes with Osain del Monte, Orisha who represents nature and its secrets.

Osain knows the properties of all plants, animals and minerals and is also a fortune teller and doctor of the Ocha (Santeria). Like Saint Sylvester, Osain is an Orisha highly regarded for his ability to do good.

The orisha Osain is the absolute owner of the mountain and of the vegetation that is gathered there and knows each herb and its particular ashé (energy). He is a hunter and celibate, guardian and consultant.

Prayers to ward off evil, the adversities and misfortunes

Prayers to San Silvestre del Monte Mayor

We pray to San Silvestre fundamentally to ward off ills from home and attract good fortune. If we wish to have luck, abundance and benefits, we must pray to him with great faith to guide us to the best path.

Prayer to Saint Sylvester for prosperity, help, protection and protección

So we pray to him that he grants us luck and happiness and drives away all evil from us and from our loved ones:

O glorious Saint Sylvester, Pope of Monte Mayor,

that you distinguished yourself by your zeal and charity,

that you ruled the Church with peace and goodness,

you who have been a wonder of virtues

and exalted by your wisdom and humility,

listen to the pleas of those who come to you

and get help, shelter and protection for all.

Blessed Saint Sylvester chosen by God as defender of Christianity

heed the cries of your devotees

and please intercede with the Lord

so that our tribulations may be remedied,

so that we are free from injustice and abuse,

of envy, of betrayal and bad people,

sudden death, from diseases and epidemics,

of fire, accident and catastrophes,

and of all kinds of adversities and miseries.

Intercede Saint Silvestre so that resentment may be appeased

of those who wish our misfortunes and perdition,

and to grant us the favor of protecting ……

(your name, or the name of the people you want to protect).

Saint Silvestre, glorious Pope of Monte Mayor,

that by merits you enjoy power before the Lord

Pray that our wishes are fulfilled,

that money, work, health and prosperity

enter through the door of our houses

and come fortune, profits, abundance,

wealth and good luck to all,

Pray that we may be granted what we ask in faith:

(say what you want to achieve),

deliver our bodies and homes,

and everything around us,

of the wrongdoer and of whoever wants to cause us harm,

drive away all the evil and wickedness that may wish us,

and that enemies, visible or invisible,

they can never humiliate and defeat us.

Thank you for giving us your attention,

blessed Saint Silvestre of Monte Mayor,

and in the name of the Kings of Heaven, Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

ask for us help, clemency and blessing.

If it is for the greater glory of God and the good of our souls.


We also pray to San Silvestre asking for his protection and blessings. With his grace, he will drive away all evil that is destined for us or those close to us.

Protective prayer of Saint Silvestre Bendito del Monte Mayor

If we feel that danger is threatening us, we can pray the following prayer:

Saint Silvestre blessed of Monte Mayor, conqueror, conqueror,

conquer and take care of my house and everything that surrounds it,

San Silvestre del Montemayor,

come to us, give us your very good protection,

free my house and everything around me

of witches, sorcerers, bad neighbors and the traitor.

Clear all the paths where I go,

all the places where I have to step

of men and women of bad living, of liars,

of malefactors, violent and harassing,

gossipers, charlatans, envious and selfish,

free my person, home and environment

of injustices, of revenge and of all hatred and resentment.

To this house (business, car, workplace ...)

I accompanied herañan four Saints:

Saint Joseph, Saint Luke, Saint Matthew and my good Jesus,

Christ bless the chalice, Christ bless the altar,

Christ bless the night and the bed where I'm going to lie down,

my bed has four pillars, four are those that watch over me:

Saint Joseph, Saint Luke, Saint Matthew and my good Jesus.

With the nails I cross myself and embrace the Cross,

so that the sweetest Jesus is always with me,

who will save me from any evil;

and trusting in God and Holy Mary,

I conjure and drive away all witches, sorcerers

and to every malefactor, villain and traitor

so that they do not harm my body, nor can they hurt it,

neither that of my partner, nor that of my children,

neither that of my family, nor my friends, nor colleagues

with any kind of spell or misdirected.

I ask you Saint Silvestre of Monte Mayor,

glorious protector of people and home,

that you intercede and free us from everything bad

that they wish me and my family,

and if someone with bad thoughts wants to harm us,

take him too far so he can't do it;

make holy conqueror that my enemies,

whether hidden or declared, visible or invisible,

they can never beat me or confuse me.

Saint Sylvester, blessed protector,

you who can do everything and you are a precious intercessor

free me, take me away from what makes me uneasy:

(say now what needs to be achieved).

Make the roads that we have to travel

are always clean and clear, clear and open,

so that our happiness and prosperity go to more,

guide us not to leave dañatwo nor harmed

for nothing or no one, for those who hate us and those who look at us badly.

I thank you Mr. San Silvestre

your shelter, your defense and your protection,

to thank your favor I place a candle for you

and for your tribute and honor, I will pray more often

and I will make your name known to those who appreciate it

so that they receive your help as I will surely have.


We dedicate these prayers to the Saints:

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