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Prayers to Saint Barbara the Advocate of Love to help us!

Prayers to Santa Barbara for love

Santa Barbara, the protector, the saint of the unprotected and the helpless, of those who struggle to achieve their goals. The saint who welcomes devotees and gives them the strength to move on and overcome difficult situations.

Saint Barbara is one of the Catholic saints most revered by Cubans, who implore her support and blessing in countless controversies. But also she is prayed for love, for health and prosperity.

She is the patron saint of the artillery weapon and for this reason many pray to her when they go to war, when they will participate in a confrontation or have obstacles and complicated situations with enemies.

For years, women have also raised prayers to him to ask him to restore their husbands who are in combat healthy.

Prayers to the Saint dominator and lawyer of love cases

Original Image of Santa Barbara
Original Image of Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is the patron saint of several cities and towns of Spainaña, where his cult began and also from Mexico, Peru and other countries mainly former Spanish colonies.

In Cuba, the love for this Saint is gigantic, the faith that Cubans have in her for her miracles and the force she transmits is united with the orisha with which she is syncretized, Shango.

And although blessed Santa Barbara is usually prayed to by her devotees to ask for protection for herself and for another person, she is also asked to give us strength to undertake the search for what we love the most.

Fundamentally, we pray to Santa Barbara on her day, December 4, and we entertain her with processions and prayers, with the color red, apples, flowers and candles.

How do we ask Santa Barbara and Shango?

We can pray to Santa Bárbara and Shango and ask for her protection to overcome obstacles and to ward off enemies and also for love, especially to regain love, whether the person abandoned us, or if they left on a risky mission.

To pray to Santa Barbara and ask her to return our love as protector, we can pray before an image of the saint and place flowers and white or red candles on it.

When we turn them on, we talk to you about what ails us and worries us, asking for your help and support. We must pray with great devotion and placing all our trust in the powerful intercession of Santa Barbara.

Among the prayers that are dedicated to the holy dominator and advocate of love are those for your partner to return, make love affairs, unite couples forever, to attract, dominate, fall in love, in short, all matters related to love.

We now share a prayer to ask Santa Barbara to bring us love.

Prayer to Saint Barbara for protection and loving help

Prayer to Santa Barbara for petition

¡Asking for a true, faithful, sincere and reciprocated love!

Glorious martyr Saint Barbara, faithful disciple of Jesus,

with a virtuous soul and a firm heart in your beliefs,

that you withstood all the tests you were subjected to

to try to tear away your faith in Our Lord

and towards martyrdom you walked with joy and courage,

for the love you felt for Christ, our Savior.

Saint Barbara blessed virgin, saint of immense splendor, 

Today with affection we come to you asking for your assistance

and help us overcome all trials and difficulties

to which we are subjected

in our hard walk through this world,

that we know how to give constant witness to our faith

as you did despite adversity. 

We want to remain steadfast and faithful,

without anything or anyone dragging us to evil,

and go through any trance hoping high

and trusting like you in Divine Providence.

Santa Barbara, you who give us help, pray for us,

give us your prodigious help and protection,

for the purity and goodness that you have in your soul,

do not abandon us in the face of bad situations,

Help us when we're desperate

and plead before the Most High for us

when anguish and affliction oppress us.

Powerful saint, blessed saint,

you who are a very effective lawyer in love matters

and relieve our heart when it suffers and groans in pain,

pray for us before the Throne of the Eternal Father

so that our sentimental life is fixed,

make us regain the joy and the will to live

and we can be together with the being with whom we are in love, with a true, faithful, sincere and reciprocated love.

Take away everything that prevents us from being happy,

that nothing separates us from the person we love

and that nobody interferes or wants to break our relationship

so that we can live together, devoted and happy.

Grant us holy warrior to be united again,

that we are a couple, or a marriage, stable

and we both live a beautiful and sweet love story,

especially ask for me to get a solution

in difficulties and serious love problems

that they do not allow me to be with the person I love

and how much I want to have by my side night and day:

(state the problems and what you want to achieve).

Oh Santa Barbara, I trust you, I cry out to you in my pain,

you know how much I need to be listened to and cared for,

in your miraculous hands I deposit my request,

I know that you will intercede for me before God

and you will get me the help that I sincerely request.

So be it. So be it, so it will be.

For special request is this powerful Prayer to Blessed Saint Barbara:

  • This is the prayer to Santa Barbara that requests the intercession and help of God in a special request that we wish to make.

O God, Father of goodness, Lord of mercy,

that in your Son Jesus Christ you manifested your predilection

for the poor, for those who suffer and are troubled:

to You we cry out with ardor in our need,

accept the humble pleas that we address to you

and through the intercession of the virtuous Saint Barbara

grant us what we have hopefully requested.

Through Jesus Christ our brother and Lord,

who lives and reigns for ever and ever.


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