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2 Prayers to Thomas Aquinas: Saint who believes in deeds and not in words

Prayers to Saint Thomas Aquinas

Saint Thomas of Aquino whoever was known for being the patron of students and educational institutions raised the need to verify with facts the faith, dreams and changes desired by human beings.

For among its doctrines, sacrifice always prevailed to achieve what was desired, making it clear that:

The achievements would only be obtained if one worked based on them, since it was irrational to leave all the work in the hands of God.

Know these prayers to Saint Thomas Aquinas

This saint is used to obtain numerous miracles, among which the projects related to teaching and learning stand out.

In Santo Tomás, support is sought to overcome fears, because the doctor of the Catholic Church will always extend his hand to those who want to progress by working hard and sacrificing for it.

1. Beautiful prayer to Saint Thomas to beg that he intercede

I thank you, Holy Lord, Almighty Father,

Eternal God, because to me, a sinner, your unworthy servant, without any merit on my part, but by the pure concession of your mercy, you have deigned to feed me with the precious Body and Blood of your only begotten Son, my Lord Jesus Christ.

I beg you that this Holy Communion may not be an occasion for punishment, but a healthy intercession for forgiveness; be armor of my faith, shield of my will, death of all my vices, extermination of all my carnal appetites and increase of charity, patience and true humility, and of all virtues:

May my body and spirit be perfectly calm, firm defense against all my visible and invisible enemies, perpetual union with you, the only true God, and seal of my happy death.

I beg you that it would be good for you to lead this sinner to that ineffable feast, where you, with your Son and the Holy Spirit, are for your saints true light, fulfilled satisfaction, enduring joy, consummate bliss and perfect happiness.

Through Christ Our Lord Himself. Amen.

2. Prayer of Saint Thomas for study Give me understanding Lord!

O ineffable Creator of ours! Most high principle and true source of light and wisdom, deign to infuse the ray of your clarity on the darkness of my intelligence, removing the double darkness with which I was born: that of sin and ignorance.

You, who make the tongues of the little ones eloquent, instruct mine, and infuse my lips with the grace of your blessing!

Give me sharpness to understand, ability to retain, method and facility to attend, subtlety to interpret and abundant grace to speak.

Give me success when starting, direction when progressing and perfection when finishing.

Oh Lord! God and true man, who live and reign forever and ever. Amen.

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