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Prayers to Shango to ask for justice and prosperity Take care of us, great king!

Prayers to shangó for justice and prosperity

Shango He is the Orisha of justice, lightning, thunder and fire in the Yoruba pantheon. In addition, he owns the drums, dance and music.

Yoruba god with a powerful explosive character and possessor of a great physique, he is extremely strong. But he is also a righteous and protective deity of all his devotees.

For this reason it is also one of the most revered of the Yoruba pantheon by Cubans, who ask for prosperity, health, peace, love, protection and justice.

How to ask Shango? The king of the candle

We must bear in mind some of the offerings that the Orisha likes, such as bananas and apples, when making a prayer for support.

But if you have nothing to offer him, put your faith in it and it will be enough. And we cannot forget to light a candle, preferably red, and find a quiet and peaceful place.

  • At the end of the article we leave some offerings that you can make to the orisha.

Know these 3 prayers to Shango for justice and prosperity.

Prayer to Chango to ask for justice

We now present this powerful prayer to ask justice to Shango, that helps us in difficult moments and protects us with its protection.

To pray for justice, we must remember that Shango It represents the justice of Olodumare, the Supreme God, so it usually punishes the one who deserves it.

For this we pray to him with immense respect and faith.

My father MonkeyGod of lightning and thunder,

great brave and powerful warrior, full of keen wisdom,

possessor of a thunderous and powerful energy

that dominates justice, wealth, passion,

Today I thank you and I ask you: (make requests)

Defend me and protect me from the traps and envies of my enemies

I am covered so that no harm is caused to me

and in material and physical goods,

give me health, give me peace and prosperity.

I pray to Shango to emerge victorious from a trial

There is this other sentence to Shango when the devotee is involved in a judgment. For this, the Orisha is prayed in this way.

Justice has arrived! Make way for Monkey.

Your scale has no favorites,

both an emperor and a beggar, both the rich and the poor, the powerful and the unprotected,

Help me and defend me from the traps of my enemies

May no judge on Earth disobey your intercession.

Since your decision will be the full and fair ruling.

Prayer to Shango to ask for prosperity and money

also can Shango intercede in matters of money, success and prosperity. 

For this we must also pray to him with great respect and ask him from the bottom of our hearts for prosperity and economic improvement.

He will be happy to support his devotees to make improvements in their daily life.

We present below the prayer to Shango for prosperity:

I present myself as your son, I receive you and I promise to be obedient,

By requesting you only take me to success and thus achieve economic prosperity and multiplication of money.

I ask you that in my life the money flows like a river.

Also grant prosperity to my relatives, my brothers, parents, children and other families are covered by your kindness.

No matter what your situation is, talk to Shango, ask him for help and he will give it to you, but never lose faith, remember that the Orishas never fail you.

When you invoke Shango you can make offerings in his name:

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