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5 Short prayers to Shango to ask for love, money, justice and protection

Prayers to Shango

To Shango, the warrior, King of the Yoruba Pantheon and protective father of all his faithful devotees, we ask him to help us and protect us in the face of difficulties.

We also implore you to support us and give us your strength to face many aspects of life and the obstacles that fate imposes on us.

He is the God of dance, fire, lightning, masculine strength, of the drum and also represents physical bearing and raw masculinity, money and intellect.

Shango is king among kings in the Santeria o Rule Osha-Ifá, one of the most popular saints within the religion, and is also an interpreter of several oracles.

According to the Yoruba Pataki, he was king of the city of Oyó and came to the reign in a crucial period for Yoruba history, enforcing the commandments of Ifá and remembering the precepts of Olodumare, the only and greatest God of all.

Let's pray to Shango and ask for his blessing with these prayers according to our need

We can ask the great Shango for his divine intervention for various aspects of life, as he can help his devotees at any time of need.

As we said, he is a protective and understanding father for his children and faithful, and always listens to those who need his help and support.

Thus, we can pray to Shango with simple prayers for various problems in life.

Of course we bear in mind that we must also thank him for his favors and show him devotion and faith from our hearts, at the end of the article we leave some of his offerings.

How can the orisha Shango help us with these prayers?

  • For the love: Shango is known for his love stories, for being a seductive and charismatic warrior.
  • For protection: The God of the Turn is a powerful protector of all his children, he protects with his natural dominions and powers.
  • For justice: Shango is in charge of doing justice and is its representative on earth.
  • To ward off enemies: This Orisha can keep his devotees away from bad energies and dangers that threaten him, bad eyes and envy.
  • For the money: Shango is also related to economic abundance and prosperity.

How can we ask Shango to help us?

Let us remember that whenever we wish to pray to the Orishas, ​​we must take into account their distinctive qualities and tastes and, based on them, entertain them in order to thank them for their attention and care.

We must show Shangó a lot of faith and courage when we pray to him, in addition to expressing our intentions in a sincere way, because he will not help us if we go to him with lies.

We must speak to him with the confidence with which we speak to a father, but always with respect and faith.

Thus, we explain our problems and tell you our joys and goals to achieve:

  • We must bear in mind that the effectiveness of prayer will also depend on the faith with which we perform the prayer.
  • Usually we can pray to him in a quiet or lonely place in the house, or in front of his altar adorned with his objects of power and favorite colors, or it can also be invoked somewhere in nature, such as at the foot of the palm, for example.  
  • It is always better if at the time of prayer we are alone invoking the power of the God of Thunder, to avoid the bad energies that could accumulate around us.
  • Likewise, if we can, offerings for Shango should not be lacking when we go to pray to him, always with spicy foods and drinks, because as a warrior, he always likes to celebrate his victories.
  • We light a white candle for her when we put her offerings, she also likes red roses and red wine.

Prayers dedicated to Shango:

Then we can pray to him, with simple and short prayers that will help us to communicate with the deity in a precise way.

1. Prayer to Shango for Love, Attraction and Good Luck

My Father, King of hearts, powerful Shango, since you now know what my heart yearns for most,

I implore you to help me find love to be happy and to bring to my life the happiness of a couple

And so, my king, accompanyañar my lonely road until I reach my destiny

Do not abandon me, great Shango, in this request that I make of you

And help me find my other half, that special person who will brighten my days and with whom I will start a family.

So be it, amen

2. Prayer to Shango for Money, Prosperity and Abundance

King of kings, great Shango, you who dominate thunders, fires and are just,

Shango, my father, I ask you please help me to get out of this bad streak that I am going through and that is ending my life,

As your faithful devotee I ask, take away this bad energy from me and cover me with wealth, money and improve my job opportunities

Fill my life with joy and financial well-being

both for myself and for those closest to me, so that my family never suffers from any need

it is your son who speaks to you from his heart

So be it

3. Prayer to Shango to defeat, drive away and free himself from Enemies

Great Orisha Shango, you who have power over people who wish me evil,

implacable fighter and God of thunder, never allow those who only wish me hardships, manage to affect my life

Remove any danger from me and my family with your power of justice

Open my course and that no rival that I cannot see can harm my existence

So be it

4. Prayer to ask for the protection of Shango

God of thunder, Great Shango, watch me and cover me, remove all negative elements of this life from me, including spirits and bad vibrations that people transmit

Do not let any obstacle close my way and take the misfortunes that want to enter my home

My lord de la Ocha, bring with you to me, the peace that I long for, both for myself and my relatives

Do not allow any evil to fill my existence with shadows and take me by your hand along the luminous path.

So be it, Ashé

5. Prayer to Shango for Justice and ask for a special favor

Great Shango, king of drums, dance and music

You who represent divine justice,

who also brings us happiness into our existence

Grant me this favor, father and bring equality with you, fighting injustice

 (explain your request)

Help me Shango, allow justice to be done in my case and do not abandon me

So be it, Ashé

Some of the powerful offerings that you can offer to King Shango are:

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