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Saint Michael the Archangel ≫ 3 Prayers to ask for the protection of Heaven

Image of the Archangel San Miguel

The archangelsThey are God's messengers on Earth, beings of light and protectors, each with a specific mission on the earthly plane, aimed at supporting the spiritual path of people. We invoke them and pray to them to accompany us and never abandon us, to guide us on the path of happiness and forgiveness.

The 7 archangels are celestial representatives appointed in many of the religions, such as Christianity, Islamic religion, Judaism etc.

Each one has their own energy and powers that they offer us to help us, so, depending on the characteristics of the problem, we can summon a specific Archangel to make our request.

The 7 archangels They can give us their guidance and support in aspects such as health, love, material prosperity, peace of mind, etc., and they have powers always destined to do good and support people. 

In the Bible, the name of only three archangels is mentioned as the main ones: Miguel, Gabriel and Rafael.

Saint Michael the Archangel, protector of humanity and head of the heavenly Armies

Prayers to the archangel Saint Michael

Saint Michael the Archangel is the first of the 7 archangels and known as the chief of the armies of God, protector of the Church.

It is said that the person in charge of frustrating the plans of Lucifer or Satan and of fighting against the demons, and therefore his representations always wear the armor of a Roman general, and he is seen threatening a demon or dragon with a spear or sword.

Also the Archangel Michael was one of the three angels who announced the birth of Isaac (along with the archangels Gabriel and Raphael) and protected the people of Israel during their march through the desert.

The archangel Michael is the one most invoked by people, he is the one who is prayed the most and the one who most people ask for help, for his role as a spiritual guide and warrior.

It is said that the archangel Michael is also the angel of death and that he offers souls the opportunity to redeem themselves before they die. It is the one that is represented weighing the souls in a perfect balance on the day of the Last Judgment.

The name of San Miguel means "Who is like God", due to his title as the "Chief of the Armies of God" in the Jewish, Islamic and Christian religions.

The Meaning of the attributes and the image of Saint Michael The warrior archangel

The book of Joshua describes Saint Michael the archangel as a powerful warrior, "Captain of the Armies of the Lord" (Joshua 5:13-15) and therefore has essential symbolism that is reflected in his role as guide and protector of humanity. .

Among the main aspects of San Miguel we find:

  • His breastplate that signifies the willpower to face the challenges of life.
  • The helmet signifies invisibility, invulnerability and power. Protect thoughts from negativity.
  • The shield represents the universe and protection
  • The sword represents light and guidance. It is the weapon to defeat evil
  • The balance is the universal symbol of justice, balance and order.
  • The chains represent their power to break the bonds that enslave the human being

That count The Holy Scripture about San Miguel?

In the Old Testament, Saint Michael appears as the guardian of the Hebrew nation, while, in the book of Daniel, God sends Saint Michael to assure Daniel of his protection:

And now I will fight again with the prince of Persia… Nobody gives me help for this, except Miguel, your prince, my support to give me help and to sustain me. Daniel 10: 13

It is also said that Saint Michael received from God the commission to carry out his designs of mercy and justice and therefore Judas Maccabees before starting any battle implored the help of Saint Michael and entrusted him with their defense:

As soon as the men of Maccabees learned that Lysias was besieging the fortresses, they began to implore the Lord with groans and tears, along with the crowd, to send a good angel to save Israel….

When they were near Jerusalem, a horseman dressed in white appeared standing in front of them, brandishing golden weapons. All at once then blessed the merciful God and felt their spirits rise II Mac 11: 6

For its part, the New Testament indicates that, together with the angels, Michael fights the victorious battle against Satan and the rebellious angels, who are thrown out of hell, and thus he was granted the title of guardian of the Church.

The Church also teaches that Saint Michael guards paradise and leads to it those who can be received. And to help us in the spiritual battle for our souls and to keep us away from the devil, Saint Michael is at the side of the dying person, defending him.

Prayers to Saint Michael to intercede on our behalf

Prayers to the Archangel Saint Michael

Miguel represents power, strength and faith, and works to maintain order and balance.

And for this reason it is invoked fundamentally to ask for protection and protection, since each human being faces different dangers in his life daily despite the fact that many times these risks cannot be perceived.

That is why we always ask Saint Michael the Archangel to remove any danger, perceptible or imperceptible from us.

We can pray to him daily and at any time, although many say their prayers at night before going to sleep.

  • It is usually prayed with a blue candle, tone that represents it.

Prayer to the Archangel Saint Michael to open the ways and achieve what is desired with a special request

Saint Michael, among the princes of heaven you are one of the most powerful, and this is the main reason why I come to you today to intercede for me before Almighty God; For this, I offer you in this and every day my greatest devotion and my soul so that you cover it with your blue flame.

Dearest Archangel Saint Michael, you who have the power and the will to help people who need you and listen to the problems that are related to love, I ask you this time to listen to my prayer, help me to heal all the problems of my heart and give me your support to invoke protection.

Dear saint, you who have always fought for God. I ask you from the bottom of my heart that you can defend me from that evil that appears to me every day. Likewise, free me from thoughts that lead me to sin and also free all the people who approach me with bad intentions.

My archangel, my heavenly prince, I ask you to grant me your grace and the power you have to heal people's hearts. I'm not asking much of you, I'm just asking you to help me with this special request that distresses me so much: (mention your request, even with the little details).

We celebrate the three archangels that are mentioned in the Bible, Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel, and Saint Raphael, on September 29 and that is why that is the best day to pray for those who are in need.

San Miguel is a defender of any need and his figure is also related to the ability to heal physical and spiritual ills.

For this reason we can invoke Saint Michael in need of a cure for a sick person or when we are besieged by the negative energies of life.

This is the prayer of protection to the Archangel Saint Michael against all evil

  • Short prayer to ask for the protection of Heaven through Saint Michael

Oh glorious Saint Michael the Archangel, prince and leader of the heavenly armies, custodian and defender of souls, guardian of the Church, victor, terror and terror of the rebellious infernal spirits.

We humbly beg you, deign to rid you of all evil to which we turn to you with confidence; may your favor protect us, may your strength defend us and may, through your incomparable protection, we advance more and more in the service of the Lord;

May your virtue strive us every day of our life, especially in the trance of death, so that, defended by your power of the infernal dragon and all its snares, when we leave this world we will be presented by you, free from all guilt , before the Divine Majesty.


Likewise, let us know that we can invoke Saint Michael in the face of the bad influence of the people around us, and to ward off bad eyes and envies, because the protective angel will always help us to maintain our inner peace.

Miraculous Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel against magic, enemies, evils and dangers

  • Thus we pray to Saint Michael against all enemies, envy and evil.

Oh mighty and heavenly Saint Michael the Archangel!

the closest to the Divine the heavenly defender without defeats,

icon of fights and victorious glory over evils,

our archangel, so perfect and so clean,

stand firm against every confrontation that comes our way,

so that we can reach our inner purity,

guide us and lead us safely through our paths

pSo that with your virtue you protect us day and night in our lives.

We ask you to help us:

Hand in hand with the Seraphim

give us the joy of abandoning our sins

and fill our hearts with the divine love of God.

Hand in hand with the Cherubs

protect us from theft, from innuendo,

temptations and entices that our enemy proposes

and purify our souls with your mantle of humility.

Hand in hand with the Thrones

never let us be controlled and be servants

from evil spirits,

for oppression, abuse and corruption,

by black magic and witchcraft,

give us the joy of knowing how to use our senses to perfection

and correct our bad mañas.

Hand in hand with the Dominations

guard our faith and grant us wisdom and understanding.

Hand in hand with the Powers

listen to our requests

grant us a kind attitude

to be helpful and honest with others.

Hand in hand with the Virtues

deliver us from our enemies,

of false words, of spoiled,

shame and blasphemies,

of the envious, burdens and hatred, of jealousy and mistreatment,

Of the violent and ruthless aggressors, of the deranged and anxious,

of misfortunes and misfortunes, of absolutely all evil that torments me

hurt me and use me.

Hand in hand with the Principalities

enlighten me with the lively desire to untie us,

so much to my family,

as well as my friends, acquaintances and the rest of the people around us,

of physical and mental illnesses

but, more than anything, of the spiritual ones.

Hand in hand with the Archangels

convince our lord to help us

and make us the walking words of our Lord Jesus Christ,

so that we live in joy, much joy and full of divine love

and so in this way, we can share it,

through our actions to others.

Hand in hand with the angels

take care of us in the course of this borrowed life,

give me your hand when I die

so that you are the one to guide me to heaven

to enjoy with them

the admiration of the Eternal Glory of God.

So be it.

Other powerful prayers to ask the Saints for protection:

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