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5 Short prayers to Saint Michael the Archangel May his power protect us today!

Short prayers to Saint Michael the Archangel

Archangel Michael He is one of the most invoked celestial disciples on earth, as his great warrior skills allowed him to defeat Lucifer and with him evil.

Therefore, many people rely on their prayers to ask for help at certain times in life.

Each prayer written to call the archangel fulfills certain objectives and must be accompanied byañaday of a white candle.

Saint Michael the Archangel is asked for:

  • Health,
  • the family,
  • the job,
  • but it is invoked fundamentally to overcome a difficulty or win a war.

1. Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel for the protection of my family

Archangel Saint Michael, protector and guardian of men, you who shine with brilliance, deliver us from all evil.  

With full confidence we turn to you to keep our families in union and love.

Strengthen the family union with your presence and free it from all selfishness and discord. Amen.

2. Against Enemies, Evils and Dangers: One Short prayer to Saint Michael

«Archangel Saint Michael, defend us in the fight. Be our protection against the evil and snares of the enemy.

We pray that God keep him under his rule.

And you, prince of the heavenly militia, throw Satan and the other evil spirits who roam the world trying to lose souls to hell with divine power.


3. Prayer to the warrior prince the archangel Michael begging for protection

Archangel of light who guards the sacred gates of heaven, who weighs justice on your scales, who breaks darkness with your sword:

Defend me and protect me from whatever evil they want against me, against my home or against my loved ones. Amen.

4. the prayer of the mañana for the warrior Archangel

Archangel Michael defend us today in times of conflict.

Be my protection against all evil and the snares of the devil, cut off the forces of evil from my life and separate them from my family.

Today remove the obstacles from my path, phenomena that prevent me from seeing the clarity of my destiny. Amen.

5. Powerful prayer to Saint Michael for Love

Oh Archangel Saint Michael, heavenly prince, my guardian angel, I humbly ask you to listen to my voice and put in my heart the sweet peace that I long for.

I cannot live with peace of mind, I will only be able to obtain it when I have my love in my arms.

Archangel Michael hears my voice and pleases my plea.

In the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit. Amen.

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