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2 Prayers of Allan Kardec to open a Spiritual Mass and its meaning

Prayers of Allan Kardec

Spiritual Masses are religious events in which human beings evoke their spirits with the help of mediums.

To carry out this activity, the presence of the spiritual vault, which must always be clean and serviced.

With a witness light the meeting opens with the following sentences by Allan Kardec.

What meaning do both spiritual prayers have?

The evocation of good spirits As its name suggests, it is a call to those souls who kindly help us and protect us from the dangers of life, and who come to instruct us during the performance of a spiritual mass.

Meanwhile prayer for every day It is a prayer in gratitude to God for all that he gives us and for allowing good spirits to serve as our guide and bulwark.

Through this prayer, the soul frees itself from negative influences and disturbances, purifying the astral, giving way for our dead to radiate and communicate with us.

Evocation of good spirits

Praised be you pure spirits of the Lord, I humble and backward creature, I raise my thoughts and my heart to you to beg you to guide me along the path of truth, and always enlighten me in the divine precepts so as not to miss them and make me worthy of reaching soon the beatitude. Amen.

Prayer for every day

God of infinite goodness and mercy, omnipotent lord, we beg you for the grace that, assisted by our guardian angels and away from bad influences, we can concentrate in the depths of our souls and raising our humble spirits towards you, we implore the forgiveness of our faults and ask with fervor, what can best suit all humankind, since, being your children, we feel the desire to bond with the bond of the most fraternal affection.

Our merits are scarce Lord and we do not consider ourselves to be worthy of your gifts, nothing is owed to us in justice, but trusting in your paternal love, we hope you will grant it to us by grace that we will try to deserve.

We beg you to grant us conformity in our trials, relief in our ills, resignation in calamities, patience in suffering, forgetfulness in grievances, removal from all evil passions and pernicious influences.

Compassion for our enemies, consolation in afflictions, prudence in all our actions, the light of divine truth that illuminates the path that leads to supreme happiness, guided by the hand of our guardian angel who watches over us and helps us convey our prayers to you. .

We ask for relief and spiritual progress for our parents, brothers, relatives, friends and enemies, health for the sick, light for the backward and evil spirits with whom we are surrounded, compassion for those who are persecuted by their influences, mercy for the souls. who suffer forgotten by men and request our prayers, indulgence for those who groan in jails and prisons and forgiveness for our persecutors.

  • Then pray an Our Father and a Hail Mary.

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