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How to open and close a Spiritual Mass? Two prayers from Allan Kardec

Spiritual Mass Prayers

Spiritual Masses They are the space that the religious has to get closer to their spirits and learn from them, but for them to attend the meeting it is necessary to call them appropriately.

First you need to prepare the spiritual vault properly, with their clean glasses filled with fresh water, flowers, cologne, and a candle.

Then they begin to read to the spirits various prayers such as the Our Father and the Hail Mary, if you are seasoned and you know them, you can also sing melodies to them.

The 2 spiritual prayers that start and end the Spiritual Mass

The main thing for the mass to open is to pronounce the prayer to begin, after this the spiritual pictures will develop little by little and you can continue with other prayers collected in the prayer book of Allan Kardec.

After having spent a reasonable time with the spirits and having received their messages, you must close the mass, in order to conclude the event in a correct and respectful way, which is achieved by singing the prayer to end a meeting.

Prayer of Allan Kardec to start a meeting

At the beginning of the meeting, we ask the Lord God Almighty to send us good spirits to assist us, to keep away those who could mislead us, and to give us the necessary light to distinguish the truth from the imposture.

Also separate the malevolent spirits, incarnate and disembodied, who could try to put discord between us and divert us from charity and love of neighbor.

If someone tries to enter here, make sure that they do not find access in any of us.

Good spirits that you deign, come to instruct us, dodWe docile to your advice and divert from us selfishness, pride, envy and jealousy, inspiring us indulgence and benevolence for our fellow men, present and absent, friends and enemies, do in short that in the feelings of charity, humility and self-denial that we are encouraged, let us acknowledge your healthy influence.

To the mediums whom you entrust to transmit your teachings to us, give them the conscience of the sanctity of the mandate that they are going to fulfill, in order to have the necessary fervor and recollection.

If in this meeting, you find people who were attracted by another feeling that is not good, open your eyes to the light and God forgive if they come with bad intentions.

We particularly ask our spiritual guide to assist us and watch over us. 

Prayer to end the meeting and close a spiritual mass

We give thanks to the spirits who have wanted to come to communicate with us, we ask them to help us to put into practice the instructions they have given us and to make each one of us feel fortified in the practice of good by leaving here. and love of neighbor.

We also hope that these will be of benefit to the suffering, ignorant or vicious spirits who have attended this meeting and on whom we implore God's mercy.  

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