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Prayers to invoke Blessed Saint Barbara ≫ 2 Powerful prayers

Blessed Santa Barbara prayers

Santa Barbara is a deity worshiped in the Catholic Church that has numerous faithful throughout the world, which is syncretized in the Yoruba Pantheon with Shango, the Orisha of war, owner of the Batá drums.

She is the patron saint of armies and soldiers who manipulate artillery weapons. Its festivity is celebrated every year on December 4, the day when the altars of Cuba are filled with red flowers, specifically the one known under the name of Sword of Santa Bárbara.

Among the attributes of the saint we find the sword with which she was beheaded during her existence on the earthly plane, which has contributed to her being associated with war and combat weapons, said sword represents a symbol of faith and courage.

Santa Barbara is related to the possession of a golden chalice as well as a crown.

How to invoke Holy Blessed Barbara?

Prayer to obtain the virtues of the Holy Warrior in times of adversity.

Saint Barbara, blessed virgin, great of immense power,

God accompany you, and you accompany me on the path of goodness.

With your victorious sword, deliver me from evil, injustice, envy and evil eyes.

With the power of lightning, protect me from my enemies, glorify the fiery muzzle of my cannon and let me emerge victorious.

With the cup of your cup and wine keep the strength of my body and spirit for the hard fight and combat.

Receive my apples and daisies as an offering that I have always present in my thoughts and in my home,

and I beg you never leave me and come to me every time I claim you

to defend my faith, my land, my family and my struggles;

and that in the end you always lead me to glory like you. Amen.

This prayer reflects a number of requests that the religious makes to the saint in order to keep him and protect him from all evil, at the same time that he shows offerings that please the deity such as flowers and apples.

It should be noted that this prayer must be pronounced with the previous offering of two lighted red or white candles, which the Saint receives with pleasure as these are her representative colors.

Prayer to summon the blessings of Santa Barbara when it rains and for the storms

One of the most popular prayers for the protection of Santa Barbara is the one he quotes:

"Blessed Saint Barbara, who in heaven is written with paper and holy water at the foot of the Holy Cross, our father, amen Jesus."

In other places in Cuba, this prayer has been modified and pronounced in this way:

"Blessed Saint Barbara, who is written in heaven with your chalice in your hands throwing holy water."

This prayer protects against the extent of the rays and inclement weather, believers invoke it when they are going through a difficult moment in their life, a time that is considered by the saint as inclement, although not precisely atmospheric.

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