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3 Prayers to request the Assistance and Protection of the Guardian Angel

Prayers of the Guardian Angel

Although in the Yoruba religion and the santeras practices, the concept of Guardian Angel differs a bit from the Christian qualifications, the truth is that it contains the same meaning of protection and spiritual tranquility.

"Guardian angel" In the santera religion, it refers to the orisha who will assist the person on the earthly plane and on the path to the destination that his or her own ori selected.

Establishing the relationship with the Guardian Angel is known as crowning Osha, that is, sharing our ori with an energy that will complement it and that will help it to fulfill its destiny to the end.

The tutelary orisha As the Guardian Angel of each person is also known, it is the one that indicates the best decisions so that the devotee reaches their destination faster and safely.

When our Guardian Angel is marked through the oracle and the wise word of orulaIt is always pointed out that those who do not obey what is indicated by their tutelary orisha in the sacred reading or Itá, will be a victim of Osogbos and led by a completely different path from the one intended by their ori.

For this reason, you have to be very determined when it comes to taking the step and starting in religion and following all the indications of the Guardian Angel.

Do we all have the Protection of our Angel?

Prayers to the Guardian Angel

We must clarify that we all have tutelary Orisha or Guardian Angel, who will be known through divination and consultation.

If one makes the mistake of supplanting one for the other, this will negatively influence the spiritual life and earthly actions of the initiate.

Let us also bear in mind that, although there are around 401 different orishas, ​​some can be settled directly and others cannot. In other words, not all the deities of the Yoruba pantheon serve as Guardian Angels.

Prayers to the holy Guardian Angel

Now, although the concepts differ a bit in the Yoruba and the Catholic religion, the truth is that in both the Guardian Angel is prayed for, asking for his support and help for the various situations in which we find ourselves in life.

In Catholicism, one of the Angels from heaven is called Guardian Angel who guides us in life and protects us from the torments of the world.

In Christian belief, the guardian angel is a being of light who has been assigned to protect a particular person. Protection can be physical and spiritual.

Each person has a guardian angel who accompanies them.aña from his birth to his death and supports him at all times.

For this reason, the concepts of both religions intermingle, mainly due to the Cuban transculturation process that becomes stronger over the years.

Above all, in spiritual Masses, we resort to praying to the Guardian Angel, although being the guide of our life we ​​can pray to him at any time and consult him with our problems and decisions to make, so that he helps us and protects us from bad steps.

Of course, depending on which Orisha is our Guardian Angel, we will pray to her differently and according to her characteristics and tastes, we will attend to her.

However, some Catholic prayers addressed to the Guardian Angel are also prayed by those who practice the Yoruba cult, due to the affinity of beliefs.

How to ask your Guardian Angel for help and protection?

How to ask your guardian angel for help

We fundamentally ask our Guardian Angel for protection and support on the earthly plane, to help us overcome obstacles and reach our destination.

When we pray to him for protection, we should do so in a quiet and secluded place for meditation and peace.

There we light candles and pray, telling him our joys, our misfortunes and our wishes and asking him the best way to reach the goals we have set for ourselves.

I pray to the mighty Guardian Angel for protection

  • Let's look at a prayer to the Guardian Angel to ask for protection:

Divine Providence, my Angel, I turn to you in these moments of hesitation,

so that you guide me and protect me against tempting and envious spirits.

My guardian angel, you who take care of me and protect me,

do not allow me, being innocent, to be a victim, or pay guilt that I have not committed,

only for satisfactions that the false and obsessing spirits want to experience.

My spirit guide, if some material enemy stung by envy were to raise his hand to hurt me

or humiliate me through slander, divert his hand and his thought so that,

 sorry for your fault, ask me for forgiveness, that I will forgive you and pray to God for your salvation.

In the name of Almighty God, I pray to my Guardian Angel and my protective spirits to free me from bad influences and bad temptations,

 that the false and seductive spirits have no entrance in my person, nor in my house and that the spirits of light serve as an escort.

Great Power, may this prayer at the door of my home serve as a wall for all my material and spiritual enemies and may your divine grace cover us with its mantle.


We can also ask for the special assistance of the Guardian Angel, to help us and comfort us and to have happiness and calm.

If we feel that the roads are closed, we lose hope and think that nothing is going well and joy is lacking, we can ask our Angel to give us light and peace, and to clear the obstacles to continue advancing until we reach our destination.

We must always pray with great faith and from the heart, with all sincerity, speaking to him about what ails us and asking him to illuminate the best way forward in that situation.

So we ask him for happiness, protection, health, prosperity, and everything that makes the difficulties we are going through disappear.

Prayer to the Guardian Angel ... my sweet company, do not abandon me night or day

my guardian angel my sweet company do not abandon me night or day
  • This is the prayer to ask the Guardian Angel for assistance in difficult situations

God save you, angel of God, my great companion,

my guardian angel, my guardian angel,

spirit of pure, noble and blessed light,

in whom other unique gifts also shine

with which it has greatly enriched and adorned you

the magnificence of Almighty God the Father.

My guardian angel, sweet company,

do not abandon me by night or by day.

Holy Angel who always watches over me, who loves me,

cover me with your presence when I get lost,

open my ways to true love, to good work,

to prosperity, health and physical and spiritual well-being.

Give me my angel your consolation when you see that I suffer,

your help if you see that I fall and faint,

give me your defense against the enemy, against bad people,

give me your protection against evil, dangers and fatalities;

don't let despair and adversity

settle in me and make me suffer for a longer time,

Take it as soon as possible, I beg you, my prayers to Heaven

and get for me what I long for

and that will help me walk without burden or suffering:

(Now say the favor you want to get).

Holy guardian angel, my most faithful friend

I know that you are always by my side and listen to my prayers,

that you know my sorrows, sufferings and pains,

for this with the greatest affection I thank you,

thank you for your faithful custody, thank you for your friendship and loyalty,

thank you for bringing my supplications to your divine majesty.

My guardian angel, sweet company,

do not abandon me by night or by day.

Holy Angel, pray for me now and always

and when my soul leaves this sad life,

May the Angels of Heaven be my company.

Most Holy Cross on which my God died,

give me your protection, your shelter and shelter,

at the time of my death I invite you.

Throw me, Lord, your Most Holy Blessing,

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,


To find the loved one we dedicate this Prayer to the Guardian Angel

We can also go to our Guardian Angel to help us find love and that person who complements us, because with this we will be fully happy and advance better on the path of life.

  • We present the prayer to the Guardian Angel to find love

I invoke you divine guardian angel, so that you fulfill the destiny that God imposed on you and keep me and protect me.

I hope that very soon the light will descend on me and my home.

Your presence will be a balm in my life.

My guide, my protective companion, whom I have saddened so many times with my sins, do not abandon me, I beg you.

In the midst of dangers, do not withdraw your support.

Do not lose sight of me for a single moment, but your kind inspirations direct and fortify my soul, revive my faint heart that has no love.

My angel, help me to find him so that my life is complete.

Communicate to me some spark of the soft and pure flames that embrace you so that I can feel true love,

and that this is reciprocal and forever together with the person who complements me, together with my soul mate.

Protect me, keep me, help me and show me the right path of life so that when the time comes,

May, with your company and that of all the angels, obtain eternal life and see Jesus unceasingly, love him, praise him and bless him.

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