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3 Powerful Prayers Against Enemies with Eleguá, Ogún and Shango

Orishas prayers

To the Orishas, ​​the true saints of the Yoruba, divinities present in the natural forces, we ask for their help, support and guidance for many aspects of human existence such as love, prosperity, health, protection, etc.

If we know each Orisha, we will know which topics are mostly related to their powers and abilities and thus we will be able to raise certain prayers and ask for their help to avoid the obstacles and difficulties of life.

We can contact the Orishas and ask for their advice through a ritual or consultation, but we also communicate with our deities through the trust and faith that we place in the prayers that we dedicate to them every day.

The prayers in Santeria are also prayed to invoke each person's head orishas to help them on their way and they are usually in the original Yoruba language, but they are also translated into Spanish so that they are elevated in our language.

We ask the Warrior Orishas for their protection with these prayers

We ask our Orishas, ​​above all, for their protection. We implore you to help us and guide us every step of life's journey until we fulfill our destiny.

And during those crossroads, we often encounter unfavorable situations and people who surround us with negative energy.

Success and prosperity can attract envy and bad desires, and some people thus become enemies who wish us evil.

For this reason we always ask the Orishas to remove from us all the bad things that they may wish us and to never allow our enemies to do us any harm. Thus, we also ask you to protect our family and loved ones.

All the Orishas can protect us from the actions and sorceries of others, although the great power of protection against enemies is linked above all to warrior Orishas par excellence such as Eleguá, Oggún, Chango, Ochosi, among other powerful deities.

But we can always go to our Guardian Angel to ask him to protect us and keep us from threats and problems.

Prayers to Eleguá for the enemies and closed roads

Prayers to Eleguá for the enemies

Prayer to Elegua To defeat enemies, it is a very powerful prayer that makes the Orisha who opens the roads, accompany us and protect us and help us to remove those negative influences that are stalking us from the path.

We must know how to invoke Eleguá, calling him orisha, recognizing that he is the lord of the roads and a powerful god, in addition to having candles at the time of prayer, which can be red or white. With their prayers the path of the other person moves away from ours and the enemy will become powerless in everything he tries against the protégé and his family.

Thus, we ask Eleguá for protection against envy, remoteness from hatred, protection, freedom from enemies and that everything bad never reaches us.

The environment for this prayer must be prepared in a special way and we must pray to him in a quiet and solitary place with great faith in his help and positive response, before an image or representation of the saint and accompanying us with the candles.

Let us be clear that Eleguá will never help us to do evil, so, on the subject of his enmities, the prayers to the saint do not ask that anything bad happen to this person, but that he be removed from the path of the devotee, and that thus , this one does not suffer any of the problems that his enemy has prepared.

So we pray to the little Giant:

  • We present the prayer to Eleguá to defeat enemies.

I invoke your presence, O orisha Eleguá, You who are the lord of all paths,

When I have flipped the sail, thus you will have helped me to change the course of my enemies,

may his path be another, oh holy one,

if they have bad wishes, they should be returned,

may they be powerless in hurting me or my family,

 let his resentment fade and his envy not touch me,

that if they hate me that energy dissipates,

the only thing I ask of you Eleguá is that you protect me,

that you save me beloved saint from enemies and bad friends,

that everything they send me is always returned,

you always walk by my side Eleguá,

thanks for all the favors you have done me,


Prayer to Oggún to defeat Enemies powerful

Prayer to Oggún to defeat Enemies

A OggunLord of Iron and one of the mighty warriors of the Ocha, we always ask for your protection against our enemies, people who constantly torment us in our lives. The great protector will listen to us and help us to protect ourselves against bad external influences.

We ask Oggún to reverse all the evil that they send us and to keep our enemies from our family away and close.

We must invoke the powerful Orisha by his nicknames as a warrior and lord of metals, praying in a quiet place and with great faith in his help and protection. We can also light white or green candles and raise a prayer so that it removes the bad from our life and always defends us.

I evoke the presence of the great God Oggún, owner of all the lands.

Great Lord, make all the people who wish me evil remain petrified as to their intentions.

I wish that those bad wishes do not affect my person (full name) or my family.

Those who dared to wish me such evil are harmed by your fury.


We dedicate this Prayer to the Ogún Warrior to ask for his help:

  • We also implore your protection

Great Orisha Oggún, you with your tools of power

Protect me and cover me

Of all those who wish me evil

I trust you, in your protective mantle

I give you my enemies (mention if known)

I give you all his concepts, ideas and thoughts on a silver platter.

So that you keep them away from me (full name).

So be it.

Prayer to Chango against enemies to protect us from Evil

Prayer to Chango against enemies

The great Shango it is associated with power, justice, lightning and powerful electric charges, thunder and fire, in the divine aspect. As a great warrior of the Ocha, he can protect us from all bad influences.

Let us know that when praying to Shango, he likes offerings such as bananas and red apples, red wine and honey. It is advisable that the petition to the orisha of justice be accompanied with offerings for him, but if he does not have to offer him, ask for his blessing and it will be enough.

When we make your prayers, we can light red and white candles, which gives strength to your prayers and we ask you with fervor, respect and with all the certainty that you will listen to us, to help us overcome unfavorable situations.

It is important to ask in faith and have our thoughts focused on the Orisha, so that he responds quickly and gives us his protection.

There is a powerful spell also known as the prayer to the Seven Rays of Chango, it is performed to ward off enemies and protect oneself.

This is the Royal Conjuration to Chango:

  • Below we show the prayer for the enemies that unites in an eternal syncretism, Changó and Santa Bárbara, deities of lightning and storm:

“This is the royal spell, for all my enemies, in the portal of Bethlehem my Lord Jesus Christ was born. Before him I must conjure them.

If they had pacts with the devil, prayers to the Just Judge, creeds backwards, black masses, prayers conjured to the Soul Alone, prayer of the Black Goats, may the Eternal Father take them away ”.

I conjure you in the name of the Father, in the name of the Son, and in the name of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

So that no mortal and immortal, man or woman born of the earth can fight me, because I carry in my soul the blessed Holy Cross of my Lord, and in my power this powerful royal spell, which will free me from my enemies. Amen.

I conjure and rebuke them, face to face or betrayal (so and so) to come meek, humble and repentant, and that none of them come with the cross of the Eternal Father; May my enemies suffer, as my Lord Jesus Christ suffered: pains, kicks, slaps, lamentations and torments, as my Jesus suffered them.

I conjure them up by the God of Abraham, the God of Jacob, and the God of Isaac. Amen.

With this incantation I reconjure them, so that they are denied of their principal and of all humanity, as my Lord Jesus Christ was denied of the Apostle Saint Peter.

This spell overcomes all black masses, reverse creeds and works, returned prayers, tacit and compound works, and other known and unknown prayers.

Christ Peace, Peace Christ, Peace, Peace. Amen. (Offer an upside down red candle and a Creed).

 "I conjure the seven rays of Chango, by the holy name of the Almighty, to make the hearts of my enemies tremble.

I conjure you, oh mighty Santa Barbara, so that your eyes are mine and my eyes are yours.

Make no evil entity can reach me, make your rays shake the abode of those who fight me, dissolve all obstacles.

O mighty elemental spirit of the earth: combine your forces with mine so that the power of the evil one is withdrawn. Amen".

Other powerful Prayers and Prayers dedicated to the Orishas:

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