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Why be grateful? Prayers and simple ways to thank God

Prayers to thank God for everything

The term 'gratitude', which comes from the Latin 'gratitudo', is defined as:

'The feeling that forces us to estimate the benefit or favor that has been done to us or has wanted to do, and to correspond to it in some way'.

And although we sometimes forget it, we must be thankful for many things as we walk along the path of life.

The Gifts and Benefits of Gratitude ...

Thanking is a beneficial attitude that helps us maintain our happiness and health.

In fact, science is said to have shown that grateful people tend to be happier since the habit of giving thanks releases neurotransmitters such as dopamine, responsible for feelings of pleasure and relaxation.

In other words, we take off a great burden when we are grateful for the good things we have.

Also, for those of us who follow the path of faith, we must know that being grateful is one of the qualities that deities value most. He who is grateful and happy with the little details of life, receives more happiness and more joy from those who guide us to reach our destination.

The resentful and ungrateful seldom feel and perceive the spiritual support of the saints. Gratitude for any gesture, no matter how small, makes us better people both in life and on our spiritual path.

How to be grateful and feel happy about our life?

How to be grateful

We should be grateful for the little joys in life and not be constantly complaining about what we lack.

On the contrary, we must thank our loved ones for the time they have dedicated to us, for their constant support and for all that they have given us, the deities and our ancestors for their blessings and all who help us to move forward.

Thus, when those we love so much are no longer by our side, we will feel that they will always protect us and guide us from heaven.

The small moments of the newspaper are also very important, those that help us to move forward and give us strength. People used to being grateful for small everyday gestures are more attentive and creative, and they follow a healthier lifestyle.

Being grateful is, according to many studies, the virtue of recognition and self-worth, which points to happiness, spirituality and the best meaning of life.

6 Simple fforms of "Give thanks"«

There are many different ways to give thanks every day, in faith and in life.

We share some simple ones that we can put into practice and we will see how our days improve:

  1. Let us think of the one who has done something good and thank him as if he were by our side.
  2. Let's write down the little joys on a piece of paper or on the phone. If we write down and read those gratitude thoughts, we become more aware of them.
  3. Let's observe the benefits and positive effects that showing more gratitude to others has in our lives.
  4. Let's analyze what our life would be like without some people, situations or blessings, to value more what we already have.
  5. Before going to sleep or in a quiet moment, let's go over the things we are grateful for. This reduces the need for immediate satisfaction and allows for better reasoning.
  6. We must also bear in mind that when praying and praying we talk and connect with our saints, if instead of asking for everything we constantly desire we also communicate what we feel, for example, our gratitude for the daily blessings, everything could change positively because the gratitude is magic.

6 Prayers of Thanks to God “Short and easy to learn”

There are several simple and easy to remember prayers that we can use to thank God for everything, for the good things in life and the blessings received, some examples:

1. Lord, we ask that this be a week where Your Hand goes with us. Grant us what we long for. Bless us.

2. My father please, protect us from any disease, me and mine.

3. Bless my family, my home and make my home Your protected place, where health, love, peace and prosperity reign. Do not let the envy and bad intentions of others affect us. Amen.

4. My father please, protect us from any disease, me and mine

5. Thank you Lord, for life, for my family, for the people who esteem and love me. Thank you for the health, for the air that I breathe and thank you for your immense love. Thank you for forgiving my forgetfulness, my pride and my whims. Thanks. I trust you, just show me the way I should walk. Guide my steps and direct my life.

6. Lord, I thank you for what I experienced today and in Your Hands I trust my mañana. Bless me and my family. Amen

«Give thanks" a practice that unites us to God and our roots

Powerful Prayer to give thanks to God

Among the precepts of the Yoruba religion to maintain balance and peace of life on earth, the commandments of Ifá They also include that devotees should be grateful towards their elders, towards the Orishas and towards the Ancestors and always keep in mind the positive things in life.

Giving thanks for the little things that we meet on our way and for the blessings that guide us along better paths, humbly and with great faith, will help us to be better devotees.

Due to the wonderful results that this practice offers, waking up is the best time of day to thank the deities for a new journey and we can do it through a simple prayer.

We can also light a candle and talk with our saints, communicating our projects and our challenges.

Then we raise our prayers and give thanks for the blessings of life, for the protection that is offered to us and for everything we receive on a day-to-day basis.

It is good to pray and give thanks daily, when we wake up and before starting our activities, also at night before going to bed to rest.

Powerful Prayer to thank God for a new day:

This is a simple prayer that we can do at the beginning of the day:

Thank you my Father for this new day of light

Thank you for helping me wake up with enthusiasm, strength and energy.

To seek my destiny and fulfill my goals

I know I will make it because You are in my heart

And you are my guide, my source of inspiration

Oh my Father, I ask you with devotion

May what I undertake today be to your satisfaction

And that every day

You guide my life, making everything easier

And giving us security on our way


Other beautiful prayers and prayers that we can use:

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