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4 Prayers to open the doors of Love with Oshún, Eleguá and Shango

Prayers to attract love

Throughout history, in all ancient cultures prayers and rites are present to achieve this pleasant feeling, love.

Over the years, many religions have dedicated dances, spells, and rituals to it, some of which have become traditional celebrations in many countries. All this aimed at seeking that feeling that eliminates loneliness from our life and makes us follow the best path.

And it is that love helps us to cope with the different circumstances of life and to divide the burden with that special person, until it is lighter. This feeling has obtained a great mythical and spiritual charge through time.

But when the search for the soul mate becomes long, there are many who try to locate it through magic and for this they ask for help from numerous deities whose powers are related to this intense feeling.

Love and the Orishas in the Rule of the Ocha

The Rule of the Ocha (Santeria)As an African religious expression, it also dedicates various rituals, prayers and spells to love. Many are the devotees who ask the Orishas of the Yoruba pantheon for help in order to find that person who complements them and helps them face the challenges of life.

And there are several Yoruba gods to whom we pray to find the peaceful and tender energy of love, because they listen to our request and give us strength and fortune to continue the search and find our soul mate as soon as possible, but also love. own, the love of life and everything that surrounds us.

Next, we propose some examples of how we can pray to the Yoruba deities to ask for Love.

Prayers to the Goddess of Love Oshún

Prayer to Oshún for love

Considered the goddess of love and an emissary of fresh waters, Oshun It is the Yoruba deity that is directly related to this feeling.

Many of the prayers and spells to Oshún are sent across the river, asking him to please advise us on the best way to obtain Love and experience that intense feeling. Many even pray to the deity when they have problems with their partner, for her to guide them and help them keep that person by their side and strengthen the love in their lives.

Oshún, the most beautiful of the Yoruba pantheon, the Goddess of Love and Rivers, is in the group of leading Oshas and in herself represents the intensity of feelings and everything that is associated with love. To her par excellence prayers are raised asking for this beautiful sentiment.

To pray to Oshún for love and receive the blessing of the goddess, it is very important that the person is in a good mood and feels happy with his body, mind and soul.

To pray to Oshún, we can also place 5 yellow sunflowers on his altar and a lot of honey, as this food is always destined to sweeten feelings and attitudes. We also light a white or yellow candle, and we speak to him quietly, imploring him to help us find what we want so much.

Miraculous and powerful prayer to Oshún for love

We now offer the prayer to Oshún to attract love

Gold is your ray of light, Bella Orisha,

Like the gold that belongs to you, so does the fresh water.

Don't let any gray cloud cloud my deepest desire for true love.

Help me Lady of Love and Rivers

Make him find love safe, eternal and lasting.

So please turn off all feeling if I suffer.

May I not shed tears for what I love.

You who are sweet, protective, soft and pretty, feminine and seductive.

Oh, Oshún, give me your pain, your strength, the alchemy as the sublime nectar that you know how to respect and revere.

Prayer to Oshún for the return of the loved one

  • We can also pray to Oshún to return to that loved one faster to our side with the following prayer:

Mighty Queen Oshún, Lady of Love,

The river, the waterfalls and the streams obey you for being you, the powerful Orisha of the Yoruba pantheon

The water comes and goes, rises and falls according to your will, and yours are also the wills of men,

That is why I come to you from my heart and ask you to intercede in the will of (mention the person's name) so that he / she returns to my side,

so that it returns to me in body and soul, to unite us again and that nothing can separate us,

I ask you to come in love and surrendered, convinced that he has his home and his destiny in me;

I speak to you sincerely.

I ask you, goddess Oshún, return me to my beloved.

Beautiful I pray to Elegguá for love

Prayer to Eleguá for love

Also to Eleggua, the powerful Orisha who opens the roads, we can ask him for help in the search for love, always raising our prayers with great faith and asking them to give us the key to Love and marital happiness.

Eleggua, eternal guardian of the roads and destiny, and messenger between deities and humans, is the one who decides whether the offerings and prayers reach their destination or not. Prosperity, happiness, love, luck or misfortune, are in your hands.

That is why we also pray to Elegguá for love and to allow us to find that special person with whom to start a family.

To ask Elegguá for love, we must know that the Orisha loves the offerings of fruits such as guava, coconut and tropical fruits, generally covered with honey and toys that he likes.

Likewise, we must feel calm and peaceful when praying, and have full faith that the Orisha will listen to us and help us, so that he feels our sincerity.

Prayer to Eleguá to attract love and abundance

  • Let's now see the prayer to Elegguá to make a person fall in love

I invoke you, Great Orisha Eleguá, so that with only the noble influence of your presence, I can obtain absolute success in everything related to love.

So that with your divine intercession I can be at peace and can come out of all the difficulties that may lie on my way to happiness.

I implore you, little giant of the Ocha, that, with your blessed majesty, remove all danger from me and open the door of love for me.

Guide my steps to the loved one and take me by your hand to walk their way

Also open the doors of success, health, work and prosperity for me, your devoted son.

Eleguá, I ask you to take care of my family and loved ones, remove evil from all of them and cover them with your sacred love.

Mighty guardian, I ask you that in my heart there is full happiness by bringing true love to him

that nothing and no one can separate from me now or ever, love that is blessed by you my powerful Eleguá, and by all celestial beings.

Thank you, Eleguá, for watching over this, your son, and for granting me the happiness of hearing my prayers.

A prayer to Shango to ask for a Great Love

Prayer to Shango for love

A Shango, the king of the Yoruba religion and one of the most important Orishas of the pantheon, the most passionate of the gods, we also pray to him for Love.

Shango, the powerful Orisha who represents the joy of living intensely, can guide us to find our soul mate, so that our happiness and happiness are full.

In addition, many Patakíes characterize Shangó as a man who loved with great intensity and who knew how to make sacrifices for loved ones.

To make a prayer to Shango asking for his guide to find love we must take into account that the environment is calm, and we can offer strong, spicy or well-seasoned foods and fruits, such as bananas and apples (specifically red). Then we light a candle in his honor and call on him to listen to us.

And with great faith in the powers of this Orisha, we say a prayer asking to find our other half.

Prayer to Shango to attract the love that is so desired

  • This is the Prayer to Shango for true love

Mighty Chango, king of the Yoruba pantheon,

Please listen, great Orisha Chango, and heed my plea for love, remember that it was never heard to say that no person who has come to you with faith to ask for your protection and implore your help, has been neglected by you.

Monkey! You who suffered and died for love, I turn to you to ask you to put your merciful eyes on me, and grant me the request that my heart feels for (Say the full name of the person we love)

Mighty King of Thunder, now that you know what my heart longs for, I implore you to enter the heart of (Say the name of the beloved again) and do not let him live alone, until he comes to me.

Help this devotee, Chango, and turn away the evil thoughts of my enemies towards me,

Eliminate evil spirits from my side and bring me that love that I so desire by my side.

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