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5 Prayers to Bless Our Business and Bring Abundance to Your Doors

Prayers to bless the business

How to clean my business of negative energies to attract clients as well as money and abundance?

That is a question that many new entrepreneurs ask themselves when they are about to start, even many who have been dealing with the ups and downs of their business.

Whenever possible we should bless our business before starting work to prosper our finances very early in the morning.añana.

In addition, at the end of the afternoon, it is also important that we call for luck and prosperity.

To bless our business we can clean, place incense and incense with powerful elements and herbs such as rue and basil, which will ward off bad energy and help luck smile on us.

But it is also important to entrust the activities that we carry out there to our spiritual guides and to the Guardian angel, those in whose powers we trust and in whose guidance we put our lives every day.

If they protect us, no one can harm us.

In addition, we will have a guaranteed success, because with your support, we will put all our strength and dedication so that our business is on the right track.

How to ask to attract prosperity to business?

Of course, we cannot leave everything in the hands of the deities, but we must remember to maintain good energy and respect in the business, be responsible and plan everything, because by working hard and making good decisions, success is achieved.  

Also in this way we will obtain the loyalty of the clients and their gratitude, creating an infinite cycle of abundance and gratitude.

To pray for the abundance of our business and obtain clients:

  1. We must entrust the premises to the Patron Saint or deity to which we are devoted, to our guardian angel and spiritual guides.
  2. In a corner of the space, you can place their image on a small altar that you create to place a light or candle on them.
  3. You can bring him an offering such as a flower or a special gesture according to the attributes of that deity.
  4. Every Mañana or in the afternoons we should ask with prayers to be protected from all evil and from all envy or obstacle that wants to prevent us from prospering.
  5. When we decide to make the prayer that we like the most, we light the candle, and in the light of it we pray.

We must know that there are many prayers of protection and blessings that we can raise, always with great faith and confidence that our spiritual guides will help us to move forward and give us strength to face difficulties and overcome obstacles.

Our perseverance and effort will also be key if we want to receive the help of our deities.

Only if we show them that we are truly focused on growing our business will they help us achieve success, overcoming adversity in the process.

Achieving economic success is never easy, nor will it be achieved by those who do not put effort and tenacity in their work.

Powerful prayers for abundance and money to flow

Here are 5 prayers that will help us bless our business and bring prosperity to your doorstep.

  • It is important to say prayers continuously, until the situation improves and positive energy floods our spaces.

1. Prayer for God to bless our business

Jesus you are my light, my strength, my friend, do not separate from me, do not let go of my hand,

Lord You who are compassionate and merciful forgive my faults and do not abandon me

Now that I need so much of You, I beg You not to leave me alone in the face of my problems;

Jesus my Good Shepherd, my Savior, my friend, before You I come with humility and hope, with love and faith, to request your favor;

help me to make my business run with prosperity, bless my work, my efforts, my dedication,

bless my economy, bless my investments, bless my purchases and my sales

and to all of us here and bring good fortune into this business

so that I can bring the necessary money to my home.

Protect this enclosure and everything it contains, take care of it so that no mishap happens

it removes everything that hurts and causes it not to work well, and preserves it from all calamity and evil.

Hear my voice, Jesus, You who are good and compassionate, allow everything I ask to be fulfilled

and encourage my life that seeks light and warmth in You. So be it

2. Miraculous prayer to God to increase the sales of our business

Lord, listen to your son in this time of need as you have given me the strength to create this business,

I ask you now to support me to get ahead, let today be a day of sales, of profits, of achievements,

May my business grow every day, as my faith towards you, that evil cannot enter here, nor defeat,

Help me to be better and better and act based on experience to please my clients

May your name always come first, father, your mercy and help,


3. Prayer to ask the Guardian Angel for prosperity for a business

My angel, you who are my guardian and my custodian,

You who keep me company and are my joy,

I implore you, bring prosperity to my business, my workplace,

That I can grow, as a person, as an employee and as an owner,

Who can understand that help begins with the heart,

Bless my Angel, this place, so that abundance always smiles at me

And that your prosperity is infinite like your love,

In the name of these two forces I call you, I ask you, your help and help,


4. To Our Lady of Charity: Prayer to attract more clients to my business

Virgin of Charity, protector of yours, you who love each of your children so much,

And that you wish our full and sincere happiness,

I ask you why you increase my clients, help them to always come,

That they always want to buy, invest, believe in this business,

May each of them bring opportunities to advance,

To be better, to have prosperity, listen to my pleas mother,

And go to them, Amen.

5. Beautiful prayer to protect my business from bad energies

O merciful lord!

Strength of heaven and grace of human beings,

I ask you tonight to protect my workplace and my business

Don't let envy, selfishness get to him

May prosperity stop, and go away, may that never happen father,

Give me the opportunity to continue receiving your blessings,

To teach you that every day that work is from the heart,

Longing for your guidance and light in my decisions,

And wishing to be worthy of your presence,


Powerful prayers and rituals to activate the good vibes in business:

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