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3 Powerful Prayers to Ogún, Eleguá and Yemayá to find Employment

prayers to get a job

Finding an honest and dignified job is one of the greatest goals in anyone's life. Many hope to develop that activity that makes them happy and through which they can guarantee the financial stability of their family.

That is why there are many who pray daily and ask for the help of the deities to support them and give them the necessary strength to continue their search for a good job.

Throughout the years, religions have dedicated a prominent place to prayers and rituals for work and prosperity. At all times, the gods are asked for an improvement in the family economy and a stable job.

And is that unemployment can lead us to lose sight of the prosperity of our home and ends up taking away the hope of a better future.

Seeking employment and faith between prayers to the Yoruba deities

The Yoruba religion particularly dedicates a special place to rituals and prayers to the Orishas to find a decent job with which to support ourselves and live comfortably with our family.

He is the Patron of the Blacksmiths, Oggún, the deity to whom prayers are raised the most and rituals are dedicated to him in order to ask for his support to find a job and with him, achieve prosperity. However, many are the Orishas who respond to our requests for stability.

Here we propose some powerful prayers to the Yoruba deities to find an honest job.

Prayers to the Owner of Iron and forced labor, Oggún

Prayer to Oggún for work

Oggún, patron of blacksmiths and owner of the metals, he is a leading Orisha and belongs to the trilogy of the warriors of the Yoruba region.

He is an insatiable hardworking warrior, bearing the weight of the world we live in on his shoulders. He works in the forge all hours of the day, as several Patakíes indicate that he promised this to the Father of the Orishas, ​​Obbatalá.

For these qualities, it is recommended to pray the powerful Oggún prayer to find decent work quickly.

Oggún is a protector of his children and devotees and can help us find the right path and make positive decisions that bring stability to his life. He can free us from all obstacles as well as problems that may arise along the way.

However, we must show him that we are worthy of his blessings by working hard and achieving good results.

To pray to Oggún we must remember that the Orisha likes to be blown into brandy or rum and tobacco smoke. Honey is also poured over it, and roasted corn, smoked jutía and smoked fish are sprinkled over it as a way of serving it. It is very important to offer to Oggún and always thank him for listening to us.

To perform the prayers to the orisha for job prosperity, we must find a quiet place and light a white candle to the warrior.

Then we talk to him about our regrets and desires, and we raise prayers to ask for his favor, always with great confidence and faith that he will listen to us and guide us towards better paths.

Prayer to Oggún to find a good job

  • We present a prayer to the mighty Oggún to find an honest job

Oggún, my strong protector, invincible warrior of the Ocha,

I praise you who are my savior,

here is your Son.

Son who has sinned, but adoring you, you are praised for your love.

Your eternal goodness, as well as your security,

I know that you will give us Father Protector, for you that nothing is impossible.

Because your grace is immense, I know that you will never abandon me

and in the midst of my agony I ask you never to let go of my hand.

You are peace, you are life, you are love and consolation, you are the great warrior who opens the way for his children.

So that we achieve well-being, although everything seems almost impossible.

In the shadows your light is my guide, Great Orisha Oggún and

 I come to you on my knees to cry out for your eternal goodness.

Because I know how I am also sure, that if you support me I will fear nothing.

Because you, my Lord, relieve the burdened, I beg and implore you, alleviate my great worries.

I come before you my great Lord Oggún, so that my requests are attended to.

I want you to help me in this great need to get a good new job

My father. Because I know your plans are perfect

but I feel cornered that is why I come to you to make this job request,

I want that decent job so I can support my family.

I know that you, in your eternal goodness, will not let me fall Oggún

I beg you that my wish be granted, promptly

I know that you will open doors and windows for me, and in your immense mercy,

I will find a decent job for myself.

Help me Oggún to be patient, give me that prosperous dignified job.

Intercede in my request to establish me financially and

help me get that stable job that I so badly need.

Make me a provider bless my being as well as my family,

To start my own business, help me Great Orisha.

Oggún, you who fill the heart with consolation,

 soothe the heart of this servant of yours who needs you.

Do not abandon me in this moment of hopelessness,

take my hand and show me the way I must go.

Hold me in this moment of despair, that only You know how to attend.

He trusted you because you never leave your children alone, because you are a great Father full of mercy.

In this hour of hopelessness and lack I take your hand to feel relief, and I also feel hope.

Father you who know the desires of my heart, you know that I need a job, a job that pleases me, that fulfills me so that as a person I may be valued.

So for my work be very well rewarded, for my work be recognized your effort my great Lord.

Thank you for your great love as well as your great kindness, because you are a warrior who was not afraid of sun and shadow.

To face the greatest obstacles, that you found in your way

Lord, I want you to be the great warrior to help me, with that worthy job that I need so much.

Oggún I ask you to put honest people in my path, give me wisdom to teach my abilities.

Help me get a good job so I can put my functions together successfully so that I can achieve your blessings.

Relieve my soul with your fine essence, with your omnipotence you were able to save the seas and rivers.

I fully trust you, and that you will not abandon your child who cries out to you.

 Oggún! My Lord, I light a white candle to give you thanks, because great is your power as well as great is your mercy.


We ask Elegguá to intercede for a better future job

Prayer to Eleguá for work

A Elegguá, the Orisha who opens the roads, messenger of the Rule of the Ocha, we also pray to him for a better future job. We ask the Orisha to open for us the astral of fortune and prosperity and to give us the luck of reaching a good working position that guarantees us economic stability.

And it is that Elegguá opens and closes the doors to those who deserve it or who need it, so it can help us with the problems of getting a job or getting a promotion.

In addition, Elegguá is a warrior and a leader who fights for what he wants, so he will support us looking for better job opportunities, or a more stable future in a better paid job, if we show him that we really fight and strive to be better .

Let us remember that to pray to Elegguá for economic improvements, we can offer him his favorite fruits, such as green guava or pumpkin.

We also light candles for him and in a quiet and secluded place we talk to the Orisha about our problems, our efforts and our greatest wishes, with great faith that he will listen and respond to us.

Bear in mind in your requests that Eleguá is never asked for "work" but "employment".

Prayer to Eleguá to get a decent job

  • Let's now see the prayer to Elegguá for a better future job

Great Orisha Elegguá, you who are the owner and wise of all roads, doors and opportunities.

I beg you, open the roads and doors that I need in my life.

Enlighten me night and day, give me your protection and your gifts as a leader

so that we are professionals in our work.

Enlighten me and my family, which is the one that always accompanied me.aña and surrounds me

in the same way, fill us with your gifts of protection.

Likewise, it opens all those doors that our life needs, to be and reach all things

what do we need.

I invoke you Elegguá, with one and only objective, that you help me overcome this facet of my life, which is hurting me so much

And help me to develop fully as a happy human being.

I ask you to bless me with a better job so that my prosperity is full

and as a result I can put bread on the table every day, until my life is no longer earthly.

I also ask you to fill me with your gifts and thus be able to undertake this new path that opens up to me today.

Little giant, listen to me, I implore you that my progress is successful and that I have a future of brightness, joy and bright colors,

Well, you are the master of the future and of good living, therefore, you are the one who chooses, sir, who deserves it and who does not.

And that on the path that awaits me is a prosperous future in which there are no insecurities or weaknesses.

Make me have everything I need for this uncertain future,

At the same time, I promise that I will always be by your side, because you accompanied meañas in this uncertain future.


Prayers to the Mother Yemayá for achieve stability

Prayer to Yemayá for work

Yemayá, the Mother of the World and protector of her children, she will also help us when looking for a stable job or a salary increase to achieve economic stability.

She is the goddess of the sea, named as the mother of all the Orishas, ​​she always protects her children and devotees as a great warrior and helps them in any need.

That is why many come to his feet to implore him for support to improve in life, placing offerings in the seas, lighting white candles and agasajáing it with different foods. In Yemayá, devotees seek wisdom, strength and wealth and for this reason many raise a request for financial help towards her.

The prayers to Yemayá should have as a characteristic security in what we ask for and strength, so that the Orisha Mother makes us worthy of her blessings and helps us find that job that we have always wanted.

Prayer to Goddess Yemayá for work and abundance

  • This is the prayer to Yemayá to ask for a better job

Beloved mother, Lady of the Seas, you well know what my needs are,

you know my desire for a job that I like to do.

I look forward to the next step in my life and my career.

I pray to you, Warrior and Mother, that you enlighten me as I continue to search for a good job.

Allow me to focus first on your will for me, placing your plans and wishes before mine.

Allow the doors of the new things that you want for me to open.

And give me the best skills, wisdom and knowledge to get up the ladder in the next project that is coming up for me.

Yemayá, Great Orisha, I ask you to give me confidence only comes from you, and therefore grant me the gift of humility.

I trust you, dear mother, and I put my life in your hands, your will be done.

Thank you for being close to me every step of the way, and thank you for always providing me with all my needs.

Listen to your son who asks for a job, help me improve my stay on earth and promote our beliefs.

I ask for your blessing, mother Yemayá, the one who works every day cleaning the waters and taking care of us.

Remember, oh beloved mother, that it was never known, of someone who implored for your help or sought you through intercession and you left him without help,

Oh Mother, I ask you to listen to my prayers, and to hear and answer my prayer, helping me in all my requests.


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