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3 Beautiful prayers to strengthen the spirit and the soul I pray that heals!

Prayers to strengthen the spirit

Through prayer the religious has the virtue of being able to communicate with God and express to the almighty:

  • Their fears,
  • worries and
  • your wishes.

The prayers are part of the daily dedication that man gives to God, through which he offers him a sample of faith materialized in words.

Prayers have become the consolation that devotees have to cling to life in moments when they go through great precariousness.

How to strengthen the soul and spirit?

Here are three prayers that enhance the spirit and strengthen the soul.

Prayers in which faith is the driving force behind the achievement of breaths and the fulfillment of wishes.

Using his words you will be able to summon the presence of God before you and in this way you will be able to speak to him from the depths of your being.

1. Prayer to break curses and magic

In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ I rebuke, break, turn away from all and any curse, spell, humiliation, seduction and black magic that have been placed on me and my family and I order in the name of God that this evil does not return to affect me never again.

I prostrate myself at the feet of the holy cross.

Thank you Lord for having set me free. Amen.

2. Powerful prayer for freedom from fear

God of heaven and earth I ask you Lord with this prayer to overcome fear, to help me overcome the fear that I have, you know my heart and you know what my feelings are.

Remove all negative energy from me and accompany me wherever I go, I will put my trust in you.

Lord send the holy spirit to embrace me and fill my soul with peace, spirit of God you are welcome in my life, free me from all bad things, bless me and hear my prayer to overcome fear.

I will go on my way trusting that you will be there. Amen.

3. Prayer of strength for difficult times

Oh dear Lord you who are the reason for my existence and that of all living beings, I ask you through this prayer for strength to help me overcome the problems that are disturbing my mind.

Lord, I ask you to give me the strength I need to overcome them.

That you assist me if I hesitate, that you take my hand and guide my steps to firmly achieve my purposes. Amen.

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