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5 powerful prayers to clean the home and protect it from bad vibes

Prayers to clean the home

Our home is our temple of peace, comfort and security, the place where we stay most of the time and where we share with our loved ones.

It must always be a space where peace, tranquility and harmony reign, where we can rest, relax and protect ourselves from any danger.

In our home, misery or unhappiness should not abound, as it is a sacred and familiar space in which we rest, sleep and renew our energies to face new days outside, in the world.

However, sometimes we can feel unsafe and unprotected in our own home. We hear noises, a bad vibe and we can't get to sleep or relax at all.

We must know that Negative energies, envies and bad desires can invade that comfortable space that we value so much, so it is good to know how to clean our home and clear it of bad vibrations.

How to clear the house of bad and dark energies?

Let us know that bad vibes should not be underestimated and together with sorcery, it can wreak havoc on our home, making it a dangerous place even for those of us who live there.

Therefore, if we feel danger, insecurity, anger or any type of negative issue flowing from the corners of our home, we must know that we will need to apply different ways of cleaning the house to protect it from evils.

To clean our house we can use the following methods:

  • Perform spiritual cleansings with powerful herbs that ward off bad vibes
  • Smoke the corners with essences that ward off evil spirits
  • Place incense whose aroma will ward off sorcery and evil desires
  • Use prepared waters with elements of great spirituality such as cinnamon, honey and flowers for cleaning floors, walls and household objects.
  • Say different prayers to ask our spirit guides for help to cleanse our home of bad energies

At the end of the article we leave some of the cleansings and rituals that you can perform, or you can see them by clicking here.

The spiritual cleansings They usually consist of adding protective herbs such as rue and rosemary to the water to clean the house, to guarantee its protection and to ward off negative energies.

Vinegar or holy water is also often used in these types of rituals.

Incense and incense on the other hand, diffuse the aroma of different herbs such as lavender, basil and rue to clean our house of bad vibes and at the same time create a relaxed, peaceful and harmonious environment.

Prayers for the welfare of the family and home

We must know that prayer is also powerful to eliminate spells that have been placed in homes and take away the bad vibes that sometimes even come with us from the street.

Recommendations for performing spiritual cleansings:

  • we can accompanyañar any kind of cleansing ritual with a prayer and we will make it more effective.
  • The prayers are addressed to the spirit guides and are aimed at eliminating spells, protecting the home and cleaning bad vibrations from the environment.
  • Through our prayers we ask that peace, tranquility, harmony and love reign among those of us who live together in the home and that sadness, betrayal, poverty or despair do not enter the door.
  • To clean our house and clear it of all bad vibes, we must pray for several days with perseverance and great faith, in order to obtain the desired results with the guidance and support of the deities.
  • Light a candle, so that the light gives power and energy to the beings of light that protect your home.

To these spiritual beings we go raising our prayers from the heart, to ask for their guidance and blessings for our home.

We propose below 5 short sentences to clean our home:

1. Prayer to remove negative energies from the house

I raise this prayer for the protection of my home

Merciful Lord, I pray with faith, love and trust pSo that everyone who wants toañar my home or bring bad energies to my abode sBe away and never return, may your steps return to their destination and do not step on my house.

May everything that comes to my door be in pursuit of well-being

I thank you Lord that you listen to my request, my house is your house

And negative energies should not dwell in it, Amen.

2. Prayer for energetic cleansing with incense

 I invoke the divine presence of God to remove all negativity from my home

Any evil presence that prevents the well-being of my home

From the door of my house and each of its walls I impregnate them

with this incense to cancel, to clean and remove the negative

So that the light of good things may be restored

Now my home is clean and pure through this sacred incense

The aroma of this smoke nullified everything negative and harmful in the mighty name of God.


3. Prayer to clean the house with holy water

In the name of Almighty God the Father (cross himself with holy water)

With all the faith of my heart and soul I proceed to cleanse this house with holy water

so that all space is renewed and blessed, sealed against all evil and bad energies

I clean walls and floors with holy water so that all demons are driven away.

So that every operation of the evil one is annulled and that every feeling of discomfort of spiritual heaviness is annulled with the powerful power of holy water.


4. Prayer to the Angel Michael to clean the house of all evil

I invoke the presence and guard of the angel Michael

May your sword guard my house against all evil, may your presence defeat the shadows

And keep away what has been thrown into my house with malicious intent

Grant tranquility to my home, purify all habitation all space to be habitado

May your wings protect us from all danger, may your sword defend us from all harm

Purify our souls if they have been affected, continue to purify this house please

Thank you dear Miguel for all your kindness, Amen.

5. Prayer to Saint George for well-being and harmony in the home

Today I come to implore you, mighty Saint George so that my house may be blessed with abundance

For prosperity to be in my home

Guard my house from all evil, protect it, oh beloved Saint George!

With your powerful spear drive away all affliction, drive away all evil that wants to stalk us

I am sure that under your guard my home is not in danger

Protect us always my saint, Amen.

Some of the powerful cleanses and rituals that we can perform:

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