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4 Prayers for Drivers, in search of divine protection

Prayers for drivers

Drivers are exposed daily to great dangers on the road, because sometimes their integrity does not depend only on their actions but on the other drivers around them and they even commit reckless acts.

Pray to God to intercede on behalf of the drivers

With these four prayers, the intercession of Almighty God is requested to bless the drivers and free them from all evil.  

1. Prayer to beg protection for a driver

To you Lord who gives your life and conserves it, I humbly beg you to save the driver's life today (mention the person's full name).

Give him, my God, a watchful look and a firm hand to grasp the steering wheel, Lord, let me not cause harm to anyone.

Libra Lord, to those who accompany him from all evil, fire or accident, allow him to fill his destiny safe and sound. Amen.

2. Prayer to God on behalf of the drivers

So that nothing happens that should not happen.

So that the light of yesterday continues to illuminate my wheel, so that your grace can give vigor to my pulse, patience to my bad mood and sweetness to my mood, put your hand on the wheel and drive your Lord. Amen.

3. I pray for the safety of the driver

My God, you are the true path of our life, thank you because with the help of this vehicle you allow me to move from one place to another.

I ask you Lord through the intercession of our mother. The queen of peace who has good sense and prudence to be able to drive this vehicle.

To be able to come and go from my work, to help my brothers and admire your wonders and to make life more pleasant for my family and friends.

That in my step I do not cause harm to anyone, free those who accompany me from all evil or accidents and make me end up happily traveling my way and return safely to my home. Amen.

4. Pray for God to intervene for the welfare of the drivers

Lord, give me a firm hand and a watchful eye so that in my step I do not harm anyone.

To you Lord who gives life and conserves it, I beg you today to keep mine at all times.

Lord, free my passengers from all evil.

Through the merits and intercession of your most holy mother and through the intercession of Saint Christopher protect drivers. Amen.

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