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2 Prayers for Protective Spirits and Guardian Angels

Prayers for the Spirits

The protective spirits accompanied usañan even before birth, they play a vital role in our lives because they are responsible for leading us on the right path and watching over us.

How can we get closer to our spirits?

We all have spirits that accompany usañan, that's why we should never feel alone, because they are for us, although we can't always see them.

From the spiritual world they constitute a bulwark for the religious, because they act in favor of making our destiny better and happier.

That is why we must always keep the spirits in mind and never forget to thank them for everything they do for us, a gesture that can be achieved by placing:

  • Spiritual assistances,
  • Flowers and
  • by paying attention to eggun.

Every MañaWhen we wake up we must call our spirits and count on them communicating our actions, so they can accompanyañaus in the realization of our companies.

An effective way to get closer to them It is through prayer, the moment of the day that we pay tribute to him for his dedication to the art of protecting the family and particularly our person.

These prayers that I present below are very effective and are part of the spiritist doctrine.

Powerful Prayer for the Spiritual Commission

Prudent and benevolent spirits, messengers of God, whose mission is to assist men and lead them on the right path, support me in the trials of this life,

give me strength to suffer without murmuring, divert bad thoughts from me and make sure that I do not give access to any of the evil spirits who try to induce me to evil,

enlighten my conscience so that I can see my defects and separate from my eyes the veil of pride that could prevent me from seeing them and confessing them to myself.

You, above all, my guardian angel, who watch over me more particularly and you, protective spirits who take an interest in me, make me worthy of your benevolence, you know my needs, then make grace be granted to me according to the will of God. .

Prayer addressed to the Protecting Spirits

My God, allow the good spirits that surround me, to come to my aid when I am suffering or in danger, to support me if I hesitate.

May they inspire me with faith, hope and charity, Lord, may they be for me a support, a hope and a proof of your mercy,

Finally, make me find by your side the strength that I lack to bear the trials of life, to resist the suggestions of evil, the faith that saves and the love that consoles.

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