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What is the Prayer to Start a Spiritual Mass? "Sacred prayers"

Prayers for spiritual mass

The Spiritual Mass, is an important element in the spiritist culture, due to the attention it gives to the spirits of the deceased, who are asked for light, guidance and protection on the earthly plane.

As a religious element, the mass is a sacred way of honoring the spirits, invoking those entities before a spiritual vault. 

This mass begins with the reading of prayers of love to the Heavenly Father and other prayers, for the invocation of the spirits, so that they attend and establish communication.

Prayers for a Spiritual Mass They are a fundamental religious element to perform this sacred ceremony as a honor to the spirits and ancestors.

With this prayer the Spiritual Mass begins:

We pray to the Almighty Lord to send us good spirits to assist us, to ward off those who might mislead us, and to give us the necessary light to distinguish truth from deception.

Separate also the malevolent spirits, incarnate or disembodied, who could try to put discord between us and divert us from charity and love of neighbor.

If someone tries to enter here, make sure that they do not find access to any of us.

Good spirits who deign to come here to instruct us, make us docile to your advice and divert selfishness, envy and jealousy from us, inspiring indulgence and benevolence for our fellow men present and absent, friends and enemies.

Finally, in the sentiments of charity, humility and self-denial that we feel encouraged, we recognize your healthy influence.

To the mediums you commission to transmit your teachings to us, give them the awareness of the sanctity of the mandate that has been entrusted to them and of the seriousness of the act that they are going to carry out, so that they may have the necessary fervor and recollection.

If in this meeting there are people who are attracted by feelings other than good, open their eyes to the light and God forgive them if they come with bad intentions.

We particularly ask the spirit of our spiritual guide to assist us and watch over us.

Thus, three Our Fathers are also prayed regularly in spiritual Masses for the following intentions:

  • For the most abandoned soul in Purgatory.
  • For the soul that suffers the most in Purgatory.
  • For the soul that has to be in Purgatory the longest.

Then it is prayed in this way for the Dead:

Do, O almighty God, that the soul of your servant (or servant), who has passed from this age to the next, purified with these sacrifices and free from sins, obtain forgiveness and eternal rest. Amen.

O God, Creator and Redeemer of all the faithful, grant to the souls of your servants and handmaids the remission of all their sins, so that, through the humble supplications of the Church, they may obtain the forgiveness they always desired; through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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