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To get pregnant: 3 beautiful prayers to 3 powerful virgins

Prayers to get pregnant

In the past, prayers for the health of the pregnant woman and the unborn child were extremely popular, and that tradition has survived to this day.

In the past, only other women mothers of families helped in labor, so if there were any complications, prayers could only be raised to several virgins considered protective of pregnant women, asking them to take care of the mother and bring the baby safe to the world.

Which virgin can we ask to get pregnant?

There are several heavenly protective virgins of pregnant women, especially those who also suffered the pains of childbirth or sheltered babies in their womb, such as Saint Anne and the Virgin Mary in various invocations, or others such as Saint Margaret of Antioquia, Saint Helena or Saint Rita.

Even today many people raise their prayers to them to ask for future mothers and their children.

Despite humanity's medical advances, faith is a powerful weapon that many people cling to in that defining moment that is the birth of a new family member.

For this reason, even today there are infinities of prayers and prayers destined for the protectors of pregnant women.

The Virgin of Milk and the Virgin of Sweet Wait: Holy Mary, Mother of God

The Virgin of the MilkIs a invocation of the Virgin Mary that represents her while offering her womb to the Child Jesus.

The meaning of this image, in addition to representing the tender intimacy of the Virgin's motherhood, also symbolizes milk as the spiritual food that the Church provides to the baptized.

The oldest images represent the Virgin Mary with her gaze directed towards the observer and at other times she directs her eyes towards the Child Jesus.

To this Marian invocation called Virgen de la Leche, a significant group of women who yearn for a child, but have problems in pregnancy, prays fundamentally.

Also, many seek refuge in faith when they pray and raise a prayer to Our Lady of Sweet Hope, in order to grant them the happiness of being mothers.

We must pray to this virgin with great faith and showing her our mother's heart, which is ready to carry that responsibility.

How to ask the Virgin to conceive a child? The prayer of pregnant women

We light a white candle for her if we wish, and with faith we pray to the Virgen de la Leche to ask her to help us conceive a child:

Blessed be Mary, Virgin of La Leche, you who accompanied usañas in the Sweet Wait

You who are Virgin and Mother, the Lord blessed you with grace and joy for your Sweet Waiting for Jesus

We beg you today to help us conceive a child, as we are ready to give him all our love

For husbands who want the gift of a child, for women who want the happiness of being mothers

help us in this hope, so that we are always accompaniedañaYou are on the path of life.

Remember also those who have opened their hearts to adoption, give them joy for their generosity.

Mother of God, benevolent miraculous Virgin, rejoice those who have received the beautiful names of father and mother,

so that with you they give thanks to God for his greatness manifested in his new little member of the family

Mary, you who are mother of the world and protect all your children, hug us all and take care of families in the magnificence of the Holy Spirit,

to demonstrate to the world that we can live as brothers, because each one of us is Sons of God. Amen! So be it!

Saint Anne, miraculous protector and patroness of pregnant women

Many are the churches dedicated to Saint Anne and even today on July 26, masses are held where the attendance is large.

For many years, Santa Ana has been prayed for a happy pregnancy, the mother of Mary and therefore the maternal grandmother of Jesus of Nazareth.

Women close to childbirth lit candles in front of the images of Saint Anne, asking that her birth be not difficult, and even during labor, many placed her image on her womb.

The midwives carried a picture of the saint and placed it on the pregnant woman's belly while she said prayers such as:

  • «My Santa Ana, help her» o "Santa Ana, make everything go well."

We must know that even in the present, many people pray to Saint Anne to bring their pregnancy to fruition.

In maternity we have the support of Santa Ana, who, faithful to the Faith and its principles, can help us to conceive a baby.

How to pray for a pregnancy? Prayer to Saint Anne to get pregnant

The prayer to Saint Anne to have a child will not only facilitate the creation of a new being in our womb, but it will also provide us with heavenly protection during pregnancy, so that we can continue healthy and thus bring the child into the world.

In this way we pray the fertility prayer to Saint Anne so that she grants the desire to be a mother and intercedes with her protection during pregnancy:

Oh Santa Ana, mother of all, powerful heavenly protector of pregnant women

My mother, today I kneel before you and humbly beg you to grant me my greatest wish: the grace of being a mother.

O Glorious Saint Anne, you who have the gift of peace, to collaborate in impossible cases, I humbly ask you to intercede for me, so that the creation of a new being in my womb may take place,

For your love, your protection and your divine will, I ask you not to abandon me and listen to my prayers

I ask you, Santa, that you bless the body of my loved one and mine, so that harmony reigns and fertility breaks into my body.

I ask you, Glorious Santa Ana, to give me the attitude and will that I need so that my path towards motherhood is positive, under love and sweetness.

Bless me My Saint, with the beautiful happiness of being a mother, so that loneliness never ravages my house, so that my family is consolidated, Amen

Saint Rita of Casia, patroness of the impossible

Devotion to Saint Rita of Casia It had its beginnings as early as the XNUMXth century, when the saint had just passed away.

It is said that, being their parents already very advanced in years, and apparently, after a request to Saint Margaret of Antioquia, they had the grace to have this girl.

Saint Rita was a wife and mother, but she had a life full of suffering and it is said that for this reason she protects those wives and mothers from all evil, because she understands them and wants to help them.

This beautiful saint is known as Patroness of the Impossible, which is why many women who have problems getting pregnant or whose pregnancy is affected by certain conditions pray to her.

This is the prayer to Saint Rita to ask her for the miracle of getting pregnant

They pray to Saint Rita to grant her blessings to the little one who is on the way and to help him arrive healthy in the world.

With great faith we must pray to the saint to help us and protect us all the time.

My Saint of the Impossible, Holy Mother Rita, Patroness of the Needy

I come to you, Mother, and to your generosity, to ask you to help me in this great need that weighs on me

You who are the mediator of those who have no hope, I turn to you hoping for relief and consolation for my situation

I ask you my saint, that you bless me with your generosity and give me the opportunity to be a mother and have a family

Have mercy on me, kindly Santa Rita, and grant me this request, so that my womb may be fertile and I can give my son all the love that I carry within

You who reward the humble and defend those who have lost faith, help me achieve the happiness of conception

My glorious Saint Rita, allow me to glorify you always, So be it, Amen

Beautiful prayers and rituals for fertility, love and protection:

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