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2 Prayers to regain health Asking for a cure for illnesses!

Prayers to regain health

These two prayers to regain health They are for when we are sick, for our loved ones, or when someone is in our house with some other illness or disease.

They are prayers of great spirituality and of great faith.

We must have faith with us always and not let them not be taken away, because without it nothing will result even if our guides and protectors focus on helping us, and our prayers to God will not come.

Where can we do the prayers?

It tienes spiritual vault at home you can sit in front of her and say these prayers.

  • If you don't know what a spiritual vault is, I recommend you read the following article ... you must click here.

In case you don't have a vault, I recommend you light a white candle and put a transparent glass with clear water next to it. Choose a quiet place, where you can pray in peace.

Always with great faith you will first begin to pray an Our Father and a Hail Mary, begin by asking for the favor of God, of your protective spirits, of your guiding beings and of your Guardian Angel.

A Prayer for Health: This prayer should be done by the sick

Lord, you are the highest justice; I must deserve the disease that you have wanted to send me, because you never afflict without a cause.

For my healing I submit to your infinite mercy; if you please, restore me to health, may your holy name be blessed; If, on the other hand, I must still suffer, may I also be blessed;
I submit without murmuring to your divine decrees, because everything you will do can have no other object than the good of your creatures.

Make, my God, that this disease be for me a healthy warning and make me put myself on myself; I accept it as an atonement from the past and as a test of my faith and submission to your holy will.

Miraculous prayer to ask for healing and speedy recovery of a sick person

  • This prayer is to ask for the sick, whether it is a family member, a loved one or for whom we want to ask for healing and protection.

My God your sights are impenetrable in your wisdom you will have wanted to have to afflict a (say name) with the disease.

I beg you to cast a compassionate look on their sufferings and deign to put a final end to them.

Good spirits, ministers of the Almighty, I beg you to second my desire to relieve him; make my prayer go to pour a healthy balm on his body and comfort on his soul.

Inspire him with patience and submission to the will of God, give him the strength to bear his pains with Christian resignation so that he does not lose the fruit of this trial.

  • Remember to pray these powerful prayers to regain our health or that of our loved ones with a lot of faith, love and humility, the healing will come, be patient.

Some powerful rituals and prayers to regain Health:

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