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Powerful prayers to pray at Night, give thanks and ask for protection

Prayers to pray at night

Through prayer, we can communicate with our spirit guides and express our appreciation for their blessings and for caring for us and our loved ones each day. 

However, we must know that there are prayers for every situation and event, and for every feeling and emotion that we have in our life.

There are prayers to ask for protection, prayers to thank the health, ask for the sick, prayers for the well-being of the family, and also prayers to start the day and to end the day and prepare to rest. 

Perhaps the latter that we mention are some of the most popular fundamentally in Western culture. 

Why is it important to pray at night?

  • Prayer is an important element every night for our safety and tranquility. 
  • Praying always connects us with our most spiritual side, which will also grant us a placid and calm sleep.

In addition, in our culture beliefs emerge that at night is when evils and vengeful spirits abound. 

It is believed that evil spirits seek their victims in the shelter of the night, which is when everyone's fears and concerns are most visible.

It is said that always in the shelter of darkness, souls in pain roam looking for an uncertain purpose and that is why we need divine protection, to protect us from any evil that wants to penetrate our resting place.

There are numerous prayers that we can say at night to thank our spiritual guides for their permanent protection and to thank them for their care and support. 

There are also prayers based on the rosary and holy words that are suitable to show our devotion. 

1. Prayer dedicated to the Guardian Angel

One of the most popular prayers at night is the prayer to the Guardian angel, which is usually intended for the little ones. 

Children learn this prayer from a young age and thus appreciate the blessings of each day and sleep with a quiet sense of security. 

It is used in different places in Latin America, such as, for example, the Venezuelan Andes and in Cuba.

Guardian Angel, my tender company

Don't abandon me night or day

Don't leave me alone because I would get lost

Until I stand in front of Jesus

Of Jesus, Joseph and the Holy Mary

With God I go to bed, with God I get up

May the Blessed Virgin cover me with her mantle. 

2. Short and miraculous prayers for the Night

We can find a great variety of sentences. In some cultures, short prayers for protection predominate, mainly because they are easy to learn.  

It is thought that nightmares are remnants of spirits that want to take the energy of those who rest, and that pleasant dreams are instead small visualizations of their protectors. 

Therefore, short prayers are an option that allows us to communicate with our spiritual guides and ask them for a peaceful and peaceful sleep.

Short prayer of thanks for a successful day

My spirit guides, today I want to thank you for allowing me to have a wonderful day. Thank you, for the people who place my way with good energy and beautiful wishes.

Thank you for putting the right words in my mouth and making me the person I am today. I place my health, prosperity and abundance in your hands and ask you to grant me what I may deserve.

Thank you, because I know that you will help me to enjoy many days like these, filled with peace and love. Thank you for helping and supporting me at all times, for giving me the strength to work hard and pursue my dreams.


I pray that the children pray before going to bed

Lord, thanks to your company today was a wonderful day. I thank you with all my heart that you have been there to protect me and my family. You are a great Father and I ask you in the name of your son Jesus never to leave me.

Oh! Jesus my Lord, thank you for how much you helped me at school and for allowing me to surround myself with friends and good teachers. For guiding me when I felt lost and for filling my spirit with your peace and wisdom. I thank you for keeping my family together and always happy.

I want to ask you to take care of my parents and my brothers, and that it is the light of your face that they contemplate in their dreams.


Small prayer of the night to raise as a family

Lord, at this beginning of the night, we want to ask you to fall asleep, take us to a place where we can share with you and protect us from any bad influence that wants to dañaus.

We beg you Lord, always be our rock and the backbone that keeps us always united. Stay with us in this night that begins and lights our way for the new day, rejoice us in your love.

We ask for your immense protection for all those gathered here


A short prayer to the Virgin Mary before sleeping

Oh! Most pure Mary, mother of God and consolation of men. Lady who can do everything, I want to ask you tonight to take care of my soul and the souls of the whole world.

Cover me, Mother, with your mantle of love and take me where no harm can reach me. Cleanse and purify my spirit and make me capable of loving, just as you loved your son.

Thank you, My Virgin, for taking care of us and supporting me and mine, for being our protection and help in times of great difficulty.


3. Prayer at night to sleep in peace and give thanks to God

We must always give thanks for all that we experience and live in the day to sleep in peace.

Taking time to converse with God and our spirit guides and reflect is always a good way to fall asleep.

Therefore, we must raise a prayer for all the blessings we receive during the day. 

We can also ask for forgiveness for those failures or injustices that we have committed.

It is vital that when praying we relax and begin reflection, concentrating on our communication with the deities and putting our faith and trust in their help.

This is the prayer to sleep well and fall asleep

Blessed heavenly father, I thank you for one more day of life, for your support and for your permanent care

for the air I breathe, for the peace you give me and for surrounding myself with positive and attentive people, for always being by my side, my guide and my protective shield against all the evils of this world

I beg your salvation and your blessings

Blessed Eternal Father, I thank you for the strength that you give me to face the challenges of life

for allowing me to complete my tasks and think about a happy future

to illuminate my path every day before every obstacle and remove the sadness and loneliness of my life I beg your direction

Blessed holy father, I thank you, for allowing me to be with my loved ones for that gift of life that are children,

that blessing that parents are,

for being my faithful companionañaI beg your protection.

I thank you for my friends, and co-workers, for all the good people around me

also for them and for them I beg your salvation

Blessed father of glory, I thank you for my home,

for this beautiful family, and I ask you to always support us so that we are united, in health and well-being. Amen.

Some powerful rituals that we can perform if we feel bad energy:

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