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2 Prayers to evoke the Virgin Mary Mother, answer my prayers!

Prayers to the Virgin Mary

Prayer is a powerful weapon It does not cause harm, but it does penetrate spiritually into the heart of the person who pronounces it, infusing a change in the person and fostering faith in their soul.

Through prayer an indissoluble bond with the holy spirit is created, the prayers that we offer in this article are directed to the Virgin Mary, holy protector of humanity, who intercedes with his son to offer help to human beings.

1. Mother Mary!Under your protection we welcome ourselves!

Under your protection we welcome ourselves, Holy Mother of God; do not reject the supplications that we address to you in our needs, but rather, always deliver us from all dangers, Virgin, glorious and blessed.

Meaning of the prayer:

"Under your protection we take refuge" is a prayer whose authorship is unknown.

The Christian people have used it throughout the ages to make an evocation of the Virgin Mary in order to obtain her help and blessings.

Protection is the main company that is pursued through these verses, where the Virgin Mary is recognized as the mother of God and protector of humanity.

The man needs the protection and help of Mary to move forward, especially at times when the resolution of their conflicts is very distant.

It is necessary not to surrender, not to lose faith and to find in the Virgin the necessary strength to continue.

2 Remember! I pray to the Virgin

Remember, oh most pious Virgin Mary, that it has never been heard that none of those who have come to your protection, imploring your assistance and demanding your help, have been abandoned by you.

Encouraged by this confidence, I also turn to you, oh Mother, Virgin of virgins, and although groaning under the weight of my sins, I dare to appear before your sovereign presence.

O Mother of God, do not despise my supplications, but rather listen to them and accept them benignly. Amen.

What is the meaning of this prayer?

"Remember" is the title given to the prayer that was formerly attributed to Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, a fact that currently has been the subject of controversy since it is believed that its authorship is of unknown origin.

Through this supplication, the religious, aware of his sins and faults, goes to the Virgin to be comforted and obtain redemption, hopeful that the universal mother intercedes to achieve the relief of his problems and reflective of being led along the path of God.

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