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The Oracle of Biagué discovers lies and deception≫ Patakí

Oracle of biague

The Three Yoruba Oracles The most important ones within the Rule of Osha and Ifá are: The Oracle of Obi or Biagué, the Oracle of Diloggún and the Oracle of Ifá.

The Yoruba Oracle of Obi or biagué it is one of the divination methods that most effectively deliver the message of the deities. Through the throwing of four pieces of coconut to the floor, the sacred answers of the Orishas are read, most of them yes or no, to questions asked.

However, although it seems the least complex, it must be taken into account to obtain correct answers, not only the position in which the coconuts fall but how they reach the ground, so that it is known which Orisha is speaking.

It is a system of divination that demands, in addition, a lot of spirituality, wisdom and knowledge to correctly obtain the mandate of the Orishas.

The history of the Awo Biagué

This Pataki tells that an Awo called Biagué lived on Earth who had a son named Adiatoto, to whom he had taught the greatest secret of his life, which consisted in the way to throw coconuts.

In Biagué's house, many other young people lived together learning the teachings of Ifá. It was they, other foster children of the Awó, who obeyed him like a father and he considered his children. But Adiatoto was his true son, the youngest

When Biague died, all those adopted children stole everything he had and his son Adiatoto, was left destitute and had to wander the streets looking for sustenance.

The King's mandate and the secret of wisdom

But one fine day, the King of that town wanted to find out who owned the unoccupied lands and ordered to find their owners.

Then the adopted sons of Biagué came to the palace and declared that the land belonged to them, but they had no proof to prove it and, furthermore, they knew nothing about the secret that the Awó possessed.

The King was then forced to search through his spokesmen for anyone who could present the necessary evidence.

Adiatoto's reward

Adiatoto then knew that it was him the monarch was looking for and he presented himself at the palace. There they asked him for the tests and he showed what his father had taught only to him.

Thus he went to the walls that divided the rooms and from there he threw the coconuts into the square, and said to the king:

  • “If they fall face up, that is proof of what my father taught me.”

When throwing the coconuts, everyone responded with Alafia, that is, all the parts face up in the affirmative answer.

Then the King learned the truth and gave Adiatoto the lands that were usurped by the false sons of Biagué.

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