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The Diloggún, divination method in the Rule of Osha

Oracle diloggún

The Diloggún or Snail is one of the wisest divination methods and is used in the Osha Rule for centuries to communicate with the divinities. At Oracle of the Diloggún all the circumstances that we can go through are written down.

This ancestral oracle enjoys great prestige, since the Yoruba priest through consultations (osoddé) communicates with the Orisha through his snails and reveals a passage in the life of the consultant and what he must do to solve a difficulty or prevent it. .

The patakí (legend) says that snails (cowries) were used as currency by the Yorubas in ancient times.

Now, to integrate the Oracle Dilóggun, they go through a consecration ritual and are pierced on one of its sides.

Learn to interpret snails

The Olorishas and Babalawos They must learn to communicate with the deities through the snails to be oriented and handle day-to-day situations, but only through study and practice is it achieved.

Our religion must be respected and valued, for this reason it is vitally important to learn the snails well, for the good of ourselves and of those who depend on us.

It can take years to master the Oracle of the Diloggún in its entirety and the priest who achieves it receives great recognition among the followers of the Yoruba religion since the Oracle is the spiritual heritage of the Afro-Cuban culture.

The snails used are 16, which have one of their open parts and through which they speak. Thus, when falling, the number of them that correspond to a different sign or combinations between them that generate negative and positive results present in our lives are counted.

Eleggua It is the only one that has 21 snails, while the other Orishas have 18 snails, which are called Merindiloggun. The 16 snails that are used to carry out the consultations are taken from them, the Diloggún.

The use of snails in the Rule of Osha in Cuba

According to many researchers, the methods of interpretation of the Diloggún differ in Cuba and in Africa, but despite that the main roots are preserved, which are the sayings, patakies and teachings of the Orishas.

There are 16 primary signs (oddun) and each one carries its own meaning.

The Olorishas read until the 12th sign and the Babalawos until the 16th.

Oddun of the Oracle of Diloggún:

  1. okana
  2. eyioko.
  3. Ogunda
  4. Irous.
  5. Oshe
  6. obara
  7. Hated
  8. Eyeunle.
  9. Dares
  10. Ofun.
  11. ojuani.
  12. Eyila
  13. Methanla
  14. Merinla
  15. Marunla
  16. Merindiloggun.

And the signs contain sayings, stories and events that will respond to the situation that the consulted person is going through, indicating what will happen and what to do.

Who dominates the Oracle of the Diloggún He must have great knowledge of how it is used, manipulated, of his prayers, sayings and Ebboses (cleaning), because he has the great commitment to decipher and transmit the desire and the word of the Orishas.

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