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The three Yoruba oracles, fundamental pillars of religion

Yoruba oracle

The three Yoruba oracles are together with the rituals of initiations, seats and funerals, the main elements of the yoruba religion.

The Oracles allow a direct and intrinsic communication with the Orishas and Eggunes that is interpreted for the good of the devotees by the santeros or babalawos.

The three Oracles yoruba The most important ones within the Rule of Osha and Ifá are: The Oracle of Obi or Biague, the Oracle of Diloggún and the Oracle of Ifá.

The OrObi's aculum, grace and prosperity

To play the Yoruba Oracle of Obi, four pieces of coconut are thrown on the floor and then read. This Oracle is the least complex, since it allows the santero or babalawo, to obtain quick answers from the Orishas, ​​the majority of "Yes" or "No" to questions asked.

However, although it is the divination system with less complexity, one must know how to use and have the necessary knowledge and spirituality. All the oracles of the Yoruba religion are sacred because through them a unique and special connection with the Orishas is established.

This article is superficially covered in this system to provide knowledge, but it is not a procedure of the same.

5 possible combinations to interpret the Oracle of Obi:

If it falls alafia, the four pieces of coconut will be face up, this implies grace, yes, peace, prosperity and that in two consecutive shots means happiness and good.

In combination itagua Three pieces are seen face up and one face down indicating Yes, but without security, it must be re-thrown asking the limit of that yes. If it happens again, it means that it is possible.

For its part, eyelife, two up and two down, is a resounding "yes" firmly, while okana Sode, three down and one up implies bad handwriting and Heykun, all face down, announces death, and from that, ebbó should be done.

LetterCoconut drop combinationMeaning
alafiaFour face upYes, peace, prosperity, thank you. 
itaguaThree pieces face up and one face downYes, but without security. As it is not safe, you have to ask again.  
eyelifeTwo up and two downYes resoundingly and firmly, it confirms what the Alafia letter marked if it came out before.
Okana soddeThree down and one upHe says "No" and announces something bad, "the ears are pulled and the eyes are wide open."
HeykunAll face downIt says "No", it is bad writing, it announces the death of someone close and wonders if it is the Osha who speaks or a nearby spirit that warns.

The Oracle of Diloggún, snails for luck

El Yoruba Oracle of Diloggún, includes sea snails, Aye, called in this way for individual and Diloggún to the set of sixteen pieces that make up a hand. I accompanied himañan the other complements made up of Igbos.

The snails communicate with the Orichas and Eggunes and the way they fall marks numbers that come to represent the Oddunes (signs), each one related to a saying and a patakí.

Your answers will not only determine an event, but will also indicate what needs to be done to fix them and to avoid difficult situations.

The Yoruba Oracle of Ifá, complete predictions

El Yoruba oracle of Ifá, is the safest and most complete form of divination in human history and includes the combination of 16 main signs called meyis, for a total of 256 odduns.

The spread on the mat of the Ékuele or Ópele, is the way in which the babalawos carry out the divination process, and as the different signs or oddunes appear, they must be noted to interpret them.

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