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Otura Meyi sign: The Ifá where orangutans wanted to be men

Orangutans Otura Meyi

Ifá says that the orangutans tired of being animals decided to change their luck, so together they went to the house of Orunmila the great fortune teller of Ifá.

This to help them make their wish to prosper in life come true by evolving in order to become a superior species, capable of performing other tasks, thus achieving a new social status.

The orangutans reported feeling incomplete because they yearned for more intelligence, a greater accumulation of feelings and the possibility of subduing other species by placing themselves as high as possible in the food chain.

Pataki: The orangutans consulted Orula but did not comply with the Ebbó

Orunmila attentively received them at his home and when he looked at them he obtained the Otura Meyi sign.

Lyrics that spoke about wishes for greatness and the need to possess different virtues if they really wanted a change in their life, where it would be a fundamental pillar not to anticipate unexpected events, or in making decisions.

The orangutans left with the premise that they should have an ebbó to begin their transition.

When they arrived home, they met to agree on various aspects that they should analyze.

After a long debate they came to the conclusion:

Not being convinced of what the Ifá oracle warned them, so they went in search of Olofin to grant their wish.

Before dissolving the meeting that occupied them, Eleggua to inform them that the next day Olofin would grant them the grace of being people.

The joy was so great that they forgot the need to keep quiet and to perform the ebbó that Ifá had marked them and in this way they began to dance, sing and raise their voices uncontrollably.

Due to their disobedience with Ifá, they lost the opportunity they wanted so much

Elegguá, who supervised them from afar, noticed the lack of control that orangutans had and their wild behavior in the face of an act as simple as the communication of a simple news item.

At night, Elegguá went to see Olofin, to whom he told everything that had happened.

to the mañaThe next one, as Olofin had promised, received them in his palace to communicate his decision.

This warned them of their disobedience with Ifá by rejecting Orunmila's word.

In addition, he revealed to them that Elegguá's visit was a test to measure their intelligence and education, an exam that they had failed because they did not remain silent, thus losing the opportunity to be human beings.

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