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Ori: God of good luck

Ori Yoruba religion

It is said that there are people with a Ori so strong that witchcraft does not enter.

El Ori, the head of a person in its most spiritual mode, links luck with behavior, in the determination of the individual. The soul in its most complete state.

Ori is also considered in the yoruba religion as the universal deity of the house, worshiped by both sexes as the God of destiny. Which Ori decide, no other Orisha can modify it.

What is the Ori?

The meaning of Ori contains ancestral secrets, it is the god of good luck and our destiny, the spiritual and personal god of each person, the owner of our head.

It is that deity that manages, as we mentioned, good luck or bad fortune, hence sacrifices are offered so that its devotees can share good luck. However, it is clarified that luck is always related to the behavior and characteristics of the person in question.

A guardian soul y a double spiritl

Several are the anthropologists and researchers who have analyzed the two important aspects of Ori: the belief of a guardian soul or that of a spiritual double. It is said to be one's ancestral guardian soul, the spiritual double of Orun, the one who goes to the spiritual head of the individual.

Therefore, the Ori of a person must be cared for by immolations often. This Orisha is kept in a chest called Ile Ori (House of Ori). The container is covered with a mantle or layer of white cloth and adorned with trims or colored ribbons of the tutelary Orisha of the person, to which snails are sewn in the upper part of 9, 16 in the central part and 16 in the part lower.

As an offering it is put: cola nut with four valves, bitter nut, lizard pepper, water, palm oil, coconut, honey, salt, sugar and liquor and it is immolated white dove, guinea fowl, rooster, hen, duck and ram.

The myth of Ori, spirit soul

It is said that when Irosun Melli went to ask to improve his fortune, he met Elenini the deity of misfortune and there he made sacrifices to her.

When she came down to earth and realized that she had been cheated, since Olodumare had heard thanks to the ebbó the pleas to improve the destiny of Irosun Melli, she chased him, but could only insert her index finger into what is now the hole where the spinal cord is located.

That caused the human being at the moment of his birth and entrance of the spirit to the body, to forget what has happened in previous lives.

Ori then it is between two separate cerebral hemispheres and according to the individual's capacity and interest in learning, they will make the hemispheres more or less functional.

Ori is destiny and head, the Ori-inu it is the head that is within oneself.

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