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Who is Ajá? The Orisha of the Whirlwind and the Wild Wind

Orisha Ajá

Ajá She is the Orisha of the whirlwinds and the wild wind, it is said that her cult has been lost over time due to the transculturation process that began with the slave trade, which meant that many of the Yoruba ceremonies had to be performed hidden from the Catholic masters. .

Because of this, some African practices disappeared over the years.

However, Ajá is an extremely important Orisha for its affinity with Olokun y YemayaIn addition, it is said that he is arrogant and a friend of fights, so he should not be provoked.

She is one of the minor Orishas of the Yoruba religion. Jungle pattern, the animals within it and herbal healer. Among the Yoruba, the name Aja also refers to a "wild wind".

Ajá and the mighty waters of Yemayá and Olokun

Ajá it is a spirit of nature, although it is not considered a guardian angel and therefore cannot be crowned in the Kari Osha ceremony or commonly known as "becoming a saint".

However, as a Minor Orisha, she always supports the head Oshas or orishas, ​​for which she is owed devotion and respect.

Yoruba legends say that Ajá She was the wife of Olokun, King of the Oceans and many are those who affirm that she is the mother of Yemayá, Lady of the Seas, for which she has a close relationship with the immense powers of the waters.

Furthermore, with his healer's hands, it is said that Ajá He took children between the ages of 3 and 9 and instructed them in the healing secrets of plants so that they could later use them for good.

Those chosen by Ajá

Ajá He is one of the Orishas who surround his cult with mysteries and secrets. It is believed that if someone is led by Aja to an unknown path, and then returns, he becomes a powerful "jujuman" or babalawo, knowing secrets that no one could imagine.

the trip to which Ajá takes his chosen ones, supposedly it will last between 7 days and 3 months, and it is believed that those who have carried it out have visited the land of the dead or the heavens.

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