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Akarin, the Orisha of the Mirror who possesses the power of reflection

orisha akarin

At the beginning of time Akarin was a very lucky Orisha, he enjoyed the virtue of Constitution, so he lived surrounded by all the riches worthy of a king.

Olodumare He gave this saint the power to visualize everything he wanted and as if by magic in the blink of an eye his wishes materialized at his feet.

The only prohibition that this Orisha possessed was related to the earthly plane, as it was strictly forbidden to visualize the earth or visit it.

But Akarin's obsession and taste for the terrestrial world was so great that he decided to camouflage himself and experience in his own flesh the sensation of stepping on solid ground.

Oloddumare was very annoyed at the attitude of this Orisha and did not approve of such a defiant act.

The power of reflection to all the waters of the world

The Orishas, ​​knowing the gift of Akarin, began to fight among themselves to take over his power, scared and in a desperate attempt to preserve his magic, the saint threw himself into the water and with the intention of hiding, he granted it the power to show the reflection of everything that came close to it.

When the tribes arrived at the pond and were reflected in the crystalline water, they assumed that the deity was hiding in the bottom, terrified Akarin began to beg Oloddumare to save him and this very discontent informed him that as punishment for his disobedience he would stay forever on earth.

Then as the only alternative to protect himself and as a way of distraction for his pursuers, the Orisha granted the power of reflection to all the sources of water in the world, thus lengthening his search.

The gift of reflection for Oshún

One day Oshun, the queen of honey bees heard Akarin's plea who asked for her help because she could no longer tolerate living in confinement, the saint was moved and took this deity materialized in a mirror to her home, with the passage of time she grew between these saints an unbreakable bond of friendship and Akarin granted the power of reflection to the saint.

When it was learned that the deity was protected by Oshún, they attacked its house, but the attacks were always mocked because Akarin reflected the strategies that were drawn against it, a fact that allowed them to always come out of the onslaught unscathed.

Oshosi receives the power of the Orisha Akarin

The stalking they lived was so great that they already feared for their lives so they went to the house of oshosi, the great hunter, who swore to protect them using his bow and arrow, in gratitude for such noble work Akarin gave the gift of reflection to the hunter Orisha.

Oshún, tired of the continuous war, went to Olodumare and asked for protection because she confessed to the supreme, that her Orishas brothers had tried to kill her in order to gain the virtue of Akarin.

The curse of Olodumare

Olodumare punished the Orishas by cursing their reflection, communicating that whoever looked at himself in the mirror would only see his destruction, a fact for which they had to respect Akarin the Orisha of the mirror.

One day Yewa He visited his sister taking his son with him, the little one was curious about the mirror and in an act of innocence he looked at himself, says the pataki that his reflection was so terrifying, that Olodumare himself had to go down to earth to calm him down, reason why the supreme decreed that children could not look in the mirror, which is why the Iyawoses They should not observe their reflection because these are the children of the Osha.

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