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Who is Ayé Shaluga? The Yoruba Orisha of money and treasures

orisha aye shaluga

Devotees revere her for being the ruling Orisha of money, monetary development and treasures. Ayé Shaluga (Ajé) it is in the yoruba religion, the one in charge of providing fair payment for the performance of men's work activities as long as they are decent, spiritually provides the money to cover the needs of the families.

Despite being the ruler of the riches of the world, she is a modest Orisha, located far from the ostentatious and banal superficialities, since she considers that the true and greatest wealth is carried within by sprouting from the spirit, being invisible to the eyes of the human race.

This deity is recognized as the patron saint of numismatists and collectors, by habitar part of its essence in coins, precious stones and high-value collections.

Aye Shaluga, the treasurer of the Orishas

Aye Shaluga It is an orisha that is visually associated with a pearl shell, it is related to health and prosperity. Habita in nature on small islets surrounded by reef.

His holy receptacle is a glass or porcelain tureen that contains his tools and secrets inside.

It is considered the treasurer deity of the Orishas as it protects their wealth, treasuring the health of humanity as the most precious jewel of their possessions.

His ceremonial necklace is made by alternating coins and shells. Some religious houses añagive coral and gold.

The saint of money in Santeria: Interesting Facts About the Golden Orisha

  • The Orisha Ayé Shaluga represents happiness and joy, it is received to achieve loving stability and achieve the conception of offspring.
  • He is associated with some musical instruments such as the lyre through which he is entertained with instrumental melodies. 
  • Flowers and fresh fruits such as pineapple and coconut are offered.
  • Carmelite pigeons are one of the animals that is sacrificed to him.
  • It can be represented by a doll dressed in yellow to which coins are placed on her clothes as decoration.
  • Cash, coins, precious stones, quartz, gold, silver and fine elements such as mother-of-pearl and tortoiseshell are taxed.
  • She is an arbitrary saint, who defends noble and just causes, favoring the needy in the first place.
  • It is not syncretized with any saint of the Catholic Church, being a deity worshiped only in the Yoruba Religion.

It is a minor Orisha so it is not crowned in Osha, it is received after the coronation of the saint to venerate it as an accompanying deity.añaBefore, yes, itá (destination reading) is performed, since it gives advice through the letter that the iworo (santero) draws at the moment after the lavatory.

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