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Chugudú, the tracker Orisha who follows in the footsteps of enemies

Orisha Chugudu

Chugudú is a minor Orisha belonging to Yoruba Pantheon, This deity has among its virtues the ability to track spirits and enemies.

Segudu, as he is also called, is a saint whose services should be required only on important occasions and of extreme need, because when he receives an assignment he does not turn back until he undertakes the order.

His worship and knowledge today are far from the religious practices with which he was related in the past.

The heyday of his worship lies with great vigor in the African continent, although this fact does not exclude that his virtues are known in the old continent.

Do you know the representation of the Orisha Chugudú?

Clay is the material used to give life to the image of Chugudú.

With this material a small human image is molded which is symmetrically decorated with snails, later it must be fired so that the clay once dry does not crumble.

How is this deity consecrated?

The consecration of Chugudú must be carried out by a priest.

This with the help of botanical knowledge and the magic with which it endows osain to the plants of the mountain and the corresponding animal sacrifices that are carried out, gives life to the tracker deity, who from that moment is ready to fulfill the pertinent orders.

The powers of Segudu and his invocation.

Segudu is known for his skillful tracker skills, this Orisha follows in the footsteps of enemies until he finds him and then puts his hexes into practice.

This deity is relentless and can cause severe damage to humans and spirits.  

When the religious is going to perform an incantation with the help of Chugudú, he must remain awake from the moment the invocation begins until the candles are extinguished and the act is consumed.

Well, if you sleep, the ritual loses its effect and the Orisha returns, being able to unload the frustration of failure on the person who invoked it in vain.

Animal immolations and other offerings such as black princes, some fresh fruits and candles are made to this deity.

This Orisha lives away from the eyes of the curious, because he should not be disturbed in vain, he is owed respect and adoration.

The power of this deity is related to the energy of the person who receives it and later invokes it.

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