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Do you know Inle? The Medical Orisha and protector of our health

Orisha inle

Inle or Erinlé as it is also known, is a major Orisha of the Yoruba Pantheon, it is a spirit of good, because with its pure nature it offers its services to the needy in the name of charity.

He comforts and protects families and their homes from misfortunes, his soul being the only one capable of alleviating the afflictions of life on the earth plane.

It is said that he consulted with the ékuele despite not being initiated in Ifá and that he attended as a doctor because he was born blessed with the virtue of Olofin, for his performance as a healer he is considered the doctor of the Osha.

This divinity in turn symbolizes the health and strength needed to defeat disease. Inle is an Orisha with a beautiful appearance, he is the personification of the earth, he lives in unison on it and in the water.

Religious syncretism

This Yoruba deity is syncretized with the archangel San Rafael who returned Tobías's sight, his festival takes place on October 24, while another calendar commemorates his saint's day on September 29.

He is the Patron of the Galenos, the fishermen and the pre-horticultural gathering, hence the meaning of his name which is: the food that the Earth provides.

Because he is considered San Rafael, protector of pilgrims, he is credited with the use of a cane, the same staff that is used by Inle, to which he is añaIn Santeria, a coiled serpent represents his wife Abbata.

This curious coincidence is reflected in the current symbol of medicine, identified with the name of the staff of Aesculapius, this rod was representative in mythology for facilitating the cure of all diseases.

Why is Inle represented by a fish?

Inle's true profession was fishing, being very skilled in this discipline, so one of the elements that identifies him is precisely a fish, considering himself synonymous with his own spirit.

Hence, the fish is considered sacred in the Osha, for this reason the head with Pargo is requested to those in need in order to provide them with a seat and spiritual tranquility.

The Catholic religion gives equal importance to the presence of said fish, since history shows that San Rafael, a saint with whom it is syncretized, used the entrancesañas of the animal to defeat and drive away the demon.

Attributes, colors and offerings that please Erinlé

The attributes that represent it are two rings, hooks, a piece of string and a fishing net, among other elements. Habita an emerald-colored receptacle.

His necklace is made with dark green, prussian blue and coral beads, colors that also identify him to those of us who can añaSay white and yellow.

Its ewes or herbs are the Abran de Costa, the Lettuce, the Mangrove, the Blackberry, the Watercress, the Malanguilla and the Marañón to mention a few.

This saint is crowned in Osha through Yemayá. You are provided with wines, spirits, fine sweets and fruits, while your preferred offering is the Roasted Snapper.

What are the children of the Orisha Inle like?

Erinlé's children are characterized by being calm, prudent, extremely sensitive and studious people.

They are consecrated in the tasks that are entrusted to them but many times they need the supervision and support of a person who encourages them to be persistent in the conclusion of their duty.

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