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Do you know Nana Burukú? The oldest Orisha mother in existence

Orisha Nana Buruku

Nana Buruku She is the Orisha who has treasured the gift of possessing a powerful spirituality since the beginning of time. It represents the ancestral memory and the middle between life and death.

Some scholars consider her the mother of Babalu Aye, the orisha of diseases, others argue that it is part of a path of the wise father ObatalaWhile some believers classify her as an independent deity of these criteria, she is recognized as the oldest mother that exists, she is also considered the goddess of mysteries.

This saint does not like the bustle that is why she lives under water ruling the lagoons, the springs, the swamps and the rivers, which is why she is recognized as the Mother of fresh water and drizzle, although it can be found on the surface of the earth, always in secluded places.

What powers are attributed to Nana Buruko?

This deity is credited with the power to guide human beings through good and bad paths. He is responsible for organizing the spirits so that reincarnation takes place.

It rules over the human body, the organs of vision, the blood, the brain, and the spine. It is considered the lady of cancerous ailments.

It protects people who cannot fend for themselves, in the same way to those who have mental retardation and also to those who have visual disorders.

Religious syncretism

It is syncretized in the Catholic religion with Santa Ana, who is the mother of the Virgin Mary. His festivity is celebrated on July 26, the day on which his procession takes place. In the same way it is identified with the Virgin of the Way.

What are your ewes or herbs?

Nana works with benzoin, rue, laurel, mint, palo santo, camphor and the golden button. Through these he offers his Ashé and frees his children from curses and enchantments.

What offerings can you provide to Nana?

Its days of the week are Tuesday and Saturday, so it is recommended that it be attended during these days. Its necklace is made up of white, transparent, red, blue and snail beads.

He is offered butter without salt, cherimoya and caña of sugar, and animals are sacrificed in his honor in a very peculiar way following the ancient traditions.

Fresh water and rainwater with honey are his favorite drinks, he also likes fans made with palm leaves.

The fruits that are placed on his altar are melons, grapes, pears, blackberries, red apples, and coconut. In the same way he likes olives and bamboo.

Nana loves all of her children equally and wants them to succeed in the tasks she has designated for them. It is common for their offspring to be characterized by being fair, wise, worthy and protective of the children to whom they tend to consent and offer love.

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