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Obatalá Why is he considered the owner of all heads?

Orisha Obatala

In the Lukumí language Obatala means the king who shines white clothes. It is the orisha of creation, it symbolizes spiritual purity and peace, hence it is identified with the color white. He is the potter of the universe and represents Olodumare on earth, a faculty that makes him possessor of the virtue of Olofin.

He lives in high places that is why he receives his offerings at the foot of the hill. He is a deity of justice, so requests are made for him to mediate by individuals who are going through litigation with the law.

Obatala In an Orisha who does not like excesses, his children should stay away from alcoholic beverages, vices, avoid being serene and avoid extremely spicy foods.

It is one of the seven main orishas of the Yoruba pantheon For what is crowned in Osha, this saint offers peace and intelligence, hence he is considered the owner of all heads, it is received to obtain health and to preserve what has been achieved.

Orisha Obatalá, father and protector

Oxalá as he is also known is the owner of dreams and thoughts, he is credited with the creation of the earth. He is merciful, his main mission is to sow peace among men.

He protects deformed beings and albinos as they are considered his children by nature, intercedes with other orishas for all human beings on whom he requests clemency.  

Religious syncretism in Cuba and the world

In Cuba it is syncretized with the Virgin of the Mercedes, venerated saint throughout the country and especially in Havana province where her main church.

Its saints are celebrated on September 24, when it is allowed to access the altar where the virgin is to observe her closely and pray to her. This day devotees from all over the country come to the church to thank the Virgin for her help.

For the Brazilians Obatalá is Christ and they worship him as the supreme god of creation, the Dahomeyans identify him with the name Somaddonu. The Greeks represent him as Helios and the Egyptians worship him as the god Khnum.

Herbs of Obatalá and magical elements that compose it

He identifies his children with a necklace of white beads, through which he provides protection. Its receptacle is a tureen of the same color, it is an Orisha that should not be unnecessarily disturbed.

Its magical herbs are cotton and almonds, with these baths are made to clean the astral picture and attract development.

8 is your number and your days of the week Thursday and Sunday. Your main defense weapon is cascarilla through which he conveys his blessing.

Offerings in His Name

On the day of his saints, white animals are sacrificed: goats, pigeons and chickens are examples of these. They are offered salt-free foods, cow's and goat's milk, fruits such as soursop and coconuts. His favorite sweets are coconut candy and rice pudding, which is not añaof cinnamon

White flowers such as gardenias, butterflies, white gladioli, white roses and lilies are offered to him, with which baths are made to purify.

The roads and avatars from Obatalá

This saint has 24 paths or avatars. Being the only orisha that has male and female paths.

The secret of the meringue tower to defeat enemies

Ochalá, the name with which we identify this deity, is asked for help by means of a tower of white meringue, which is made only with egg whites and white sugar, said offering is well received by the saint, with this the person triumphs in his aspirations and manages to emerge victorious from the struggles he is going through, once the tower is made it must be placed in a high place, it may or may not be covered with cotton

Being a righteous deity, he does not admit that under his name the innocent are harmed, so the works that are carried out with his benefit must pursue the fight against diseases, the search for tranquility and stability, tasks that also can be obtained through this work.

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