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Do you know Obba? The Orisha representing the Sacrifice for Love

Orisha obba

Obba Nani is a deity revered in the Yoruba Pantheon. Form a formidable trilogy with Oyá and Yewa, this holy habita in cemeteries like the Orishas mentioned above, this being responsible for guarding the tombs of the deceased.

Against what conditions does it safeguard?

This Orisha protects against lawsuits and betrayal by having suffered it firsthand. Provide support to people who feel extremely touchy by giving them confidence and self-esteem. 

Obba protects against cardiovascular diseases, brain and nervous system diseases, hematological diseases and respiratory pathologies.

Religious syncretism

This Saint, considered by many to be miraculous, is syncretized in the Catholic Religion with Saint Catherine of Siena, Saint Catherine of Alexandria and Saint Rita of Cassia, saint of impossible affairs. Its festivity is celebrated every year on November 25.

Obba, the Orisha of tin and Copper

Obba is affectionately called as the Orisha of Tin and Copper because these are his sacred metals.

It is appropriate to attend her on Wednesdays as this is her favorable day of the week.

Its receptacle is a pink glass tureen, as this is its representative tone, it is also the guiding color for its handkerchiefs and the beads of its necklaces.

In many Cuban religious houses the children of this saint do not crown her in Osha, they come to settle the saint in the lerí (head) through Oshún.

Obba is the real wife of Shango

Obba is the legitimate wife of Shango for it was with her that the owner of the drum contracted a marriage.

It is the Orisha who treasures the love of the world, represents the woman dedicated to man, is the incarnation of the sacrifices that are made for love as a Pataki describes that this saint was able to cut off her ear to feed her husband.

Your soul is the purest energy that has habitado the earth

This feminine omnipotence represents the noble souls who come to the world to perform charitable acts.

It personifies the woman who is capable of carrying out the tasks corresponding by nature to the man, being able to obtain better results in these disciplines than these, although she does not boast about it.

The virtues that this deity possesses

Obba is the Orisha who is in charge of developing maritime trade around the world, as she is an intrepid navigator.

She personifies the woman who possesses great war talents because in her carnal passage through the earth plane she was a skilled warrior.

Some offerings to entertain Obba

Some animals such as goats and chickens are sacrificed to him. Flowers, coconuts and fresh fruits are offered to him. Sweet liqueurs and wines can be offered to you. It welcomes the cakes and fine sweets.

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