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The orisha Oke, the first mountaña at the beginning of the earth

Orisha oke

Oke represents the hill, everything that is elevated, and tall, is the Orisha of the mountainsañasy of the heights or elevations of the earth and represents the firmness of mother earth. It is also related to fertility and good harvests.

It is represented as a noble Orisha who can spiritually convert a man according to the precepts of the Supreme God Olodumare and live next to the orisha of purity obbatala, on the floor in front of the basket.

Oke is a protective Orisha and has the strength to be the guardian of all the saints, has an energy of great strength and in nature is presented as majestic. It is a pillar of the wise Obatalá, and of the Creator Olofi.

Let's see now, a patakí that recalls the important role of Oke in the beginning of the world.

Pataki: The Story of Oke and the Earth

At the beginning of the world, there was only sky and sea, and Olokun, the owner of the depths of the sea, reigned alone in the Oceans, knowing all the secrets that enteredañain the waters.

But the great Creator Olofi He was bored, because they led a very empty existence, so he decided to create life on Earth and for this he had to start by creating places where he could cultivate to live. In addition, he should also look for that one, or those who would represent him and who would ensure peace and harmony on Earth

It was then that Oroiña, with the strength that he gave Olorun, his hen and his bag, raised the first hill from the bottom of the sea, which he defended with all his might.

Birth of the orisha Oke and elevations

That's how Oke was born, like the first mountaña of the Earth, later giving rise to the formation of the mainland.

Olofin then gathered the other orishas in Oke and pointed out to each one their domain and their natural forces, with which they could help men to make life on Earth.

But if Oke had not been born, none of this would have taken place and men would not have been able to settle anywhere, and that is why the babalawos always say that you have to remember him and make him ebbó (cleaning).

And it is that there is always the doubt, what would happen if Oké sank again and left Olokun alone in a world of water?

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