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How is the Orisha Oko de Osha different from that of Ifá? Sacred cults

Orisha Oko of Osha Ifá

There are different Yoruba deities that are delivered by Ifá, but also by Osha and for that reason they should not be offended by saying that one is superior to another, as some do, among them there are only physical differences, of cults, attributes and representations.

One of these deities delivered in both cults is Orisha oko, the sacred deity of the Yoruba pantheon who provides us with food, who represents crops, who gives us stability in life. It is the land itself, which takes care of crops and crops, and provides fertility.

  • We salute you saying with respect: Maferefún Orisha Oko!
  • Your number: 7 and its multiples
  • Colours representative: Red, Transparent and White
  • Catholic syncretism: San Isidro Labrador, its celebration is May 15

Characteristics of the Orisha Oko de Ifá:

The Orisha Oko de Ifá (from babalawo) in Cuba carries his load underneath, carries two small canes that are placed in the clay pot, the cement covers the pot or the pot and the furrows for carving are represented.

  • The ritual takes three days of festivities to the beat of the drums, as is currently done in Nigeria for Orisha Oko.

What characterizes the Orisha Oko de Osha?

Santero's Orishaoko wears:

  • Earth in its casserole,
  • an otá (stone),
  • a tile,
  • two coconuts painted white and red,
  • a plow with two oxen made of lead and
  • 18 snails that do not speak for them, speak through the goddess Yemayá.

It is syncretized in Santeria with San Isidro Labrador that is celebrated on May 15.

Orisha Oko from Oyó, in Nigeria

  • The Orisha Oko of Nigeria is represented by two rods, one ending in a penis and the other ending in a vagina, they are placed like sticks in a clay pot.

There are differences between the Orisha Oko of Osha and Ifá according to the tradition:

But none of them should be downplayed, not because they are different should we listen to offenses and litigation about which is the best variant.

What has value is the worship, respect and love that is given to the orisha and her religious concept as such, because each one, through their cults, customs and culture, places their own marks on Orisha Oko.

The main religious concept is based on the characteristics of the deity, for example, in Orisha Oko de Osha, the deity of reproduction symbolized through a penis, is represented by the tile and the two coconuts, alluding to the fact that it is the Orisha of the fertility and preservation of the human race.

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