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Orisha Oko: the Yoruba saint and farmer chosen by Obatala for his gifts

Orisha oko yam

Orisha oko It is the Yoruba deity that represents the cultivation of the fields at the hands of the farmer, this Yoruba saint embodies in himself the entrailsañas of the earth keeping its secrets and mysteries hidden.

In the Rule of Palo Mayombe this deity is known under the name of Musilango, while in Fon and in Haiti the religious people recognize him as Zaka.

What are Orisha Oko's children like?

The descendants of Orisha Oko are hardworking men and women, they stand out for being discreet and calm, with responsibility being their greatest virtue.

They are generally not party-goers or bad addicts. Many times these are in charge of arbitrating between people to clarify misunderstandings and end disputes.

Pataki: Orisha Oko was the farmer who grew yams

Yam santeria
Yam fruit

Obatala the protective deity of human thought had been given the task of developing agriculture in his kingdom for which he owned large fields of yams.

The yam, unlike other vegetables of the same family, had qualities that made it special.

This food was considered sacred and therefore it was used for religious purposes.

His gifts were such that many considered that the yam had magical powers, because when the sun went down it began to speak the same language as human beings.

In addition, with his grace he could question people during their sleep, making them reveal their sins when they were not aware of their actions.

Why was Orishaoko chosen to protect the secrets of the yam?

Obatalá the powerful white Orisha required someone who with dedication would watch over the integrity of his plantations, but to obtain the job the person had to be discreet and extremely reserved because men were unaware of the virtues of yam, which should continue to remain secret .

The owner of all the heads undertook a long search to find the ideal candidate for the supervision of his crops.

Among his requirements was the presence of a calm person who was not a regular at parties or bad vices.

After a long journey, he decided on Orisha Oko, as there was no one in his kingdom more qualified to carry out this work than him, as this was a very serious and talented young farmer.

Since that day the yam was protected by Orisha Oko, it grew sheltered by the land where it remained safe without anyone discovering its secret.

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