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Why did Shango revere Orishaoko's power with the lightning stone?

Orisha Oko and Shango

Orisha Oko and Kawo Sile They were brothers, they were always united so one day they both left in order to travel the world seeing what it had to offer them.

Pataki from Ogbe Oddí where Kawó Silé recognized his brother Orisha Oko

In the midst of his wanderings Orisha Oko fell into a deep hole, hurting his leg so his brother began to carry him everywhere on his back.

Suddenly Kawó Silé who was a great warrior was requested to join a campaña warlike

He left for war but not before leaving his brother in a safe place, sheltered in a neutral territory called Irawo.

As time went by, his injury improved so Orisha Oko was able to stand up and take small steps on her own.

Orisha Oko generates abundance and helps everyone with their food

The latter, seeing himself unable and bored, decided to spend the time sowing the fields that were abandoned in that region without producing a single food.

When Orisha Oko's work paid off, she used a part of the harvest to supply the army where her brother fought and the other food was destined for the consumption of the people, actions that earned her the love and respect of everyone around her.

when the fieldsañas finished the army approached the outskirts of the town, then their habitaThe frightened ones took shelter because they were afraid of the war.

The confrontation between brothers caused by Yemayá

On one occasion Kawó Silé and his men entered the land of Irawo in the middle of a great party.

These merry men thought that the celebration was due to their arrival, but the invitation was really made to celebrate the work of Orisha Oko.

Yemaya that for reasons of the heart he hated Orisha Oko began to put Kawó Silé in a bad situation against Orisha Oko so that they would fight and thus take revenge on the holy farmer.

Then Kawó Silé who was very angry interrupted the party to say that he did not understand why they celebrated Orisha Oko who was a weakling who had not even been able to go to war.

Kawó Silé gives a ray of gratitude to Orisha Oko

Then Orisha Oko calmly demanded respect from her brother and told him that without the food that he had sent them they would not have been able to win the war, because they would have died of hunger and necessity.

Embarrassed, Kawó Silé hugged his brother and apologized for his faults, recognizing that he admired him for being a man of integrity and power.

As a token of her affection, she gave him a thunderbolt and since then Orisha Oko has carried it among her farming instruments.

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