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Olofin ≫ the Orisha who completes the divine trinity in the Yoruba Pantheon

Orisha Olofin

The word Olofin takes place from the union of olo which is translated as expansion and is articulated with end, which means point in space.

Its name identifies it between the stars and the celestial bodies, we must point out that it is precisely composed of these.

According to etymological studies, the word Olofin is closely related to the terms king's house, nickname given to this by the ancient Yoruba as this is the patrimonial construction belonging to this culture where their worship was carried out.

One of the supreme deities within the Yoruba Religion: Olofin

Olofin is divided between stellar space and the terrestrial plane, he is the ruler of the world, he considers himself one of the few Orishas capable of being in all places at the same time and keeping abreast of all the secrets of the world.

He was the first being to reign in the cosmos, even before the existence of other Orishas and humanity itself.

Hence the reason for his authority above all things, his voice is heard and respected by all the deities of the Yoruba Pantheon who abide by his decisions to the letter.

Olofin, Olorun and Oloddumare, the Trinity

Form a holy trinity with Olorun the sun and Olodumare the Supreme, together they guarantee the balance of the universe and the harmony that is needed so that the vital energy can flow without stagnation.

It is syncretized with Jesus Christ in the Christian Religion, being his cult and his image the most widespread on the planet earth. He is the saint most invoked by humans and also the deity to whom the greatest number of promises are made.

Worship and Veneration of Olofin by the Priests of Ifá

Olofin is an Orisha venerated by all religious in general, although it should be noted that the Ifá priests are the only devotees of the Yoruba Pantheon who possess the faculty and divine permission to receive and worship him directly.

This deity is not only received since it can also be awarded within the same religious branch once its treasurer has died. The main candidate to receive its award is the Babalawo who has more experience and years of consecration in Ifá.

The presence of Olofin is essential before the birth of a new Ifá priest, without the representation of this deity no ceremony of this nature can be performed.

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