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Do you know Olorun? The Sun of the Yoruba Pantheon

Orisha Olorun

Olorun is one of the manifestations of Olodumare, his name translates to the lord of the heavens, hence this deity is identified as the star king of the Yoruba Pantheon.

Orisha Olorun Characteristics:

With the emergence of this deity the human race was born

As a result of the existence and reign of this deity, the masculine and feminine genders arose, the first being the representation of strength and rudeness and the second being responsible for motherhood and delicacy, these representations are in charge of maintaining balance. In the universe.

The Adoration of Olorun on the earthly plane

Among the offerings to this Orisha is the ñangareo ceremony, which is performed in order to obtain his blessing and inform him that an itá is going to be performed on earth.

It is a deity from which only the blessing is requested since it is not conducive to pay tribute or engage in religious work, to this saint the requests of humans are sent through messenger entities that came to earth for that purpose. It is neither received nor settled on the lerí (head).

The Orisha of life

Olorun is the owner of heaven and the protector of human souls, which he welcomes in his kingdom, giving them the possibility of eternal rest.

This orisha is responsible for life because without the presence of the sun's heat, the world would be a cold and inhospitable planet.abitaThanks to its rays, the earth becomes fertile and the crops sprout, a place from which food is obtained and the sustenance of human beings is born.

The Sun God owns the colors of the earth

The sun god is the owner of colors, in combination with water and the phenomenon of refraction allow the color scale to emerge, one of the many blessings that it offers to men because without this benefit the planet would be a gray place .

The saint who never leaves the firmament

He is an omnipresent saint, whether by day or by night, he remains in heaven, although we cannot observe him, from there he watches over the subsistence of the human race.

How should the religious greet Olorun?

The santero greets him contemplating the sky with his arms crossed, he can also do so by extending his upper limbs with the palm of his hands in his direction.

The deity that lights up the universe

Olorun is associated with peace and justice, it is the quintessential embodiment of purity because it is the only Orisha capable of radiating enough light to illuminate the universe.

Its secretary is the chameleon, an animal to which this deity attributed the ability to camouflage itself in order to mislead its enemies and be able to deliver its messages without danger.

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