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Who is the Orisha Ori? The head, spirituality and destiny

orisha ori

Ori is an Orisha revered in various regions of the planet, his cult is established mainly in Africa and America. It is praised in multiple religions such as Yoruba, Umbanda, Candomblé and Voodoo. His name translated into Spanish means cabeza.

This deity is closely related to the spiritual field and the aura that surrounds living beings, it is attributed the power to positively influence the destiny of people.

He is the only Orisha capable of bringing blessings immediately.

The Orisha Ori, treasurer of souls

It is the voice-over that encourages conscience to be heard before making decisions.

Ori is an Orisha who instills inner reflection and meditation. Represents emotional stability and personifies communication between human and Olodumare. It is considered the embodiment of good fortune.

It governs each man from the moment of his conception and during his development inside the womb. Fact that specifies the phrase:

The die has been cast before coming into the world.

Holy protector of vital energy

The word of this saint is so firm that no other Orisha can modify it, the people who possess Ori are absolved from receiving any type of astral sorcery since this is a solid shield against this type of curse.

Its main element is the energy by which it saves and protects.

The house where Ori lives is sacred

The receptacle in which habita Ori should not be opened, it is necessary not to place it in a place where there is heat or where it is in danger of being hurt, in the same way it should not be disturbed because it is a deity who likes to live in silence and in peace.

Its tureen is covered with a white handkerchief which is adorned with ribbons of the representative color of the Orisha that governs the person who receives this omnipotence.

Pact between Ori and Obatala

Ori is very closely related to Obatala Well, while one represents the spirit, the other, a skilled potter, is in charge of shaping the head, thus building the main part of the human organism.

In a coordinated work, they endow man with the virtue of intelligence and reason, equipping him with two weapons capable of creating a promising future if used for good.

Sacrifices to honor Ori

Some animals are sacrificed to Ori in his name, such as the ram, the white goat, the chickens, the quail, the slugs and the white guinea fowl.

Water, oils, various liqueurs, yams, walnuts, salt, sugar and coconut are offered to him to name some of their elements.

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