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Who is Oshumare? The Orisha of the rainbow and peace on earth

Orisha Oshumare

oshumare is an Orisha worshiped in the Yoruba Pantheon. This deity represents the union of heaven and earth. The roots of their worship come from the Yewá territory located on the African continent.

It is represented through a Python or Boa snake that is biting its tail to form a circular ring.

This saint is invoked to ask for the health of the sick and to combat diseases related to blindness and the gradual loss of vision. Protect people with these diseases.  

It is in charge of maintaining balance on Earth. She is a mediator between the conflicts of the Elder Orishas.

Oshumare is the personification of the rainbow

All the colors of the rainbow are attributed to him as he embodies this natural phenomenon. This saint is linked with Oyá by possessing all the colors and acting through the air, points in common between the two.

Some religious houses identify Oshumare as having a feminine and masculine nature at the same time.

It is the embodiment of movement, of the life time that the human being possesses on the earth plane. The snake represents abundance and intelligence.

This Orisha is closely related to Shango being his most faithful disciple.

The deity that represents the evaporation of water

This deity is responsible for the ability to nourish the clouds with the water that is filtered through the water table so that in this way the rain cycle begins once more.

The blood ties of this Orisha

oshumare She's daughter of Nana Buruku, saint that represents the universe of mystery and supernatural forces. She is Iroko's sister and Babalu Aye.

The Orisha regent of the airs

This Orisha has among her virtues the gifts of a courageous warrior. She is responsible for celestial communication, being in charge of guarding the messages that Olofin needs to be delivered urgently to the other Orishas.

Not only is it attributed the gift of creating the rainbow as it is also capable of triggering other natural phenomena, especially those that are related to the celestial sphere.

Some curiosities about Oshumare

This saint is the ruler of the umbilical cord that holds the mother and fetus together during the gestation process. 

Oshumare is the Orisha who brings peace to the earth, hence the phrase: After the storm, calm always comes.

Its representation is an emblem of continuity, establishing a legacy above all that it blesses, as it turns it into something imperishable that it leaves under the care of future generations.

He is invoked and prayed through the winds who carry the message sent by his devotees before his feet.

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